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Work Less - More Time

Work Less More Time

The main reason some of us decide to build our own business is to have more money, become your own boss and have the time of our lives.

The sad part is that the business takes a toll on us that we become enslaved in our own business.

We now work seven days a week and no day off.

But this chapter is going to teach you how to have the time of your life while your business makes money on its own.

Whether you are there or not, the business continues to thrive and you continue to be wealthier.


If you are working an offline business, it is easier to hire people for those tasks that require your constant attention.

Like accounting for instance, you need to hire an accountant, especially if you are not so good at balancing a sheet.

Also, always hire the best employees.

There’s nothing more devastating than a terrible employee in the workplace.

The success or failure of most businesses is largely dependent on the quality of employees that are on the payroll.

Bad employees can cause havoc to your business while good employees can bring a certain level of quality to your business and also increase profits.

When you are interviewing a prospective employee, look mostly for the kind of attitude that person has. While job skills are important, it is also necessary to know the kind of personality you are bringing into your business.

Job performance is eighty per cent attitude and twenty per cent aptitude.

I recommend not asking typical job interview questions because most job candidates already have rehearsed answers for most of the questions you will ask.

Here are some questions that you can ask the candidates to get a peek inside the real personality of that person;

  1. What do you do in your free time?
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. What do like to read? Books, magazines or newspapers.
  4. Please describe your ideal job?

These questions and some that will pop into your mind during the interview will tell you if you should hire that person or not.


But if you are operating an online business, it is a little bit trickier to hire someone to do what you want them to do.

In the online world, you outsource your repeatable tasks to a freelancer to do the work for you while you do more productive things with your time.

For instance, in the online world, there are specific things you need to do to rollout a product, like;

  1. Pick a niche/market
  2. Do your necessary keyword research to know how many people search for the product you offer using that particular keyword
  3. Check if it is a good niche
  4. Register your domain name with the top density and low competition keywords
  5. Write your sales copy
  6. Create the product
  7. Revise the product
  8. Market the product

All the tasks apart from the last one should be outsourced so that you can concentrate all your abilities and focus single-mindedly on marketing that product.

This will make your job a lot easier.

Now, most marketers, instead of outsourcing their projects, out-task them.


The difference between out-sourcing and out-tasking is that, in out-sourcing a given project, you find the best freelancers available and pay them to do the particular task you want them to do. Not worrying about the price to pay.

The best freelancers will charge more for any project and that’s the beauty of it, because you know that whatever project they do for you, they will do it well.

While out-tasking is finding the cheapest freelancer available and asking them to do a project for you.

They will not do a great job for you.

Plus, when you find good freelancers, make sure that they are always on your contact list because when you have more products to offer, you will need them at the click of a button.

Good freelancers are hard to find.

In all your businesses, make sure you systemize recurring tasks by out-sourcing them to abled freelancers.

To find freelancers, check there websites;


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