No Comments on Women

The more I learn about women the more I come to fear them. Not in the traditional sense though but in the sense that one – and by one I mean a man – cannot, no matter how hard they try, come to the complete realization of the full depth the character and – of a woman’s desires, her dreams and aspirations.

To me women will always be a mystery. No full level of comprehension.

As a man I tend to be a creature of logic, to weigh all possible outcomes and come to a reasonable realization. But this is not the case in a woman. Though she is the most amazing creature, she comes to her decisions based on emotions and a woman’s emotions, if you are a man you can agree with me, fluctuates like the tide of the ocean.

Decisions are made on the desires of the emotions and that can change in the next two minutes which most times drive some men crazy, men that have not yet grasped the full measure of a woman’s character. This often causes serious issues in a relationship and if the truth of the nature of a woman is not brought to the knowledge of the man can cause resentment and that graduates to hatred which inevitably turns to a break up in the relationship.

I think as men we should cultivate an attitude of extreme patience and understanding for the woman. I think we should learn to understand them, their nature and the waves of the emotions they exhibit in a full day which has more shades and crevices than a man’s.

This little note is not written to condemn or discriminate the female species, I have great respect for them. This note is just an enlightened reminder about the massive difference in our nature. The woman is completely different from the man and as men, we should look to understand that nature no matter how deep it goes.

This is just what I think about women.

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Knowing others is wisdom; knowing the self is enlightenment – Tao Te Ching

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