Things to do when scared of starting a business

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The process of taking a chance on life and starting your own business can be a really scary experience because it is new and risky.

I remember the very first time I created my first business website, I was nineteen and it was very exciting because I did it all in the comfort of my room and nobody knew I was doing it which made me feel good about it.

But when it was time to publish it on the web where the potential for people to see it is millions I was flat out terrified. I had to take a long walk before finally pressing the publish button. This was before I knew that a website can only be seen by you until you start active traffic building campaigns.

So it is no news to me that starting something new, especially a business which is risky, can be very scary.

So I have listed 10 things here that you can do to make sure that you overcome your fear of starting any business.

  1. Do The Easiest Thing First

    The easiest thing to do in starting your business will not put such stress of anxiety in you. Your first step doesn’t have to be big.

    It should be small and when you do it, you feel good about yourself and would give you the confidence to continue.

    Make a list of all the things you need to do and start with the easiest thing on that list.

  2. Stop Doubting Yourself

    Doubt, like procrastination, is a killer of destiny, and not to sound like a “guru”, you shouldn’t let doubt creep into your life and destroy your chance to a better life.

    Stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at yourself, think about your accomplishments and notice how far you have come. Know that you did all those things by yourself and you should not doubt yourself now. You can do it just like you did it up until this point.

  3. Get Advice From People In Your Field

    Failure in something new is likely to be high, and the only way to reduce the risk of failure is to look for the people that have gone through what you are going through now and ask for advice on what to do. The kind of advice you would get will help you a lot, and the probability for your success will be high.

  4. Ignore The Past.

    Maybe you have tried something new in the past and had failed. That is no reason to never try something new again. Sometimes you will want to start something new but that “annoying” voice in your head tells you that you are not good enough, that you will fail or that you have made mistakes in the past and you will make the same mistakes here.

    You have to know that your past is not your present or future and you must learn to ignore it. Know that because of your past mistakes, and the lessons you learn’t from those mistakes, you are a better person and are more equipped to tackle the problem at hand.

  5. Consider The Worst Case Scenario

    Now, just in case you fail, what is the worst that could happen? Would you lose your house, your spouse, or something really important to you? If you did not collect a loan from the bank to finance your business and did not use your house as collateral, you have nothing to worry about. People fail, get up and succeed all the time. But if you put down your house as collateral, which I strongly advice you not to do – as you can start any business on a shoestring budget without betting your whole life against it – this is more of a problem.

    So never put down your home as collateral for any business venture you plan on going into.

  6. Just Do It.

    This may be the greatest advice you can ever get on overcoming the fear of starting your own business. There is no substitute for action. You may read every article on starting a business but when it comes to the time of reckoning, action trumps all and action is the kryptonite for fear.

    When you do something you fear often, the fear disappears. It is like light and darkness, action being the light and fear the darkness. When you take action on that thing you fear, the fear goes away.

    Now when I create sites, I don’t think about the publishing on the web part, I just do it. This is because I have done it before and realize, “it is no big deal”. You too would do your own stuff and realize that it’s no big deal.

  7. See Yourself As Already Succeeding

    Visualize your success. This part is more in the philosophical region of things. See yourself as already doing that thing you fear. What steps did you take? How did you go about it and what exactly were the challenges that could come up and how can you avoid them before they occur…. and if they must occur, how will you tackle them.

    See these things in your mind and when it is time to do, you will seem like you are invisible to the people you are working with, you will seem like you have all the answers.

  8. Know About What You Want To Do

    Jumping into any business because you want to go into business for yourself without knowledge on that business is like jumping off a plane without a parachute, you will fall flat and scattered on the ground.

    Before going into any business, read, get educated on that business and go into it well informed, because that is the only way you will even start doing anything tangible in that business.

    You need the know-how in any business you go into. Read books on that business, ask questions from veterans in your field before going into that business.

  9. Don’t Wait For the “Right Time”

    There is no right time in doing anything that would be worth it. Anything can happen. The house could burn down, the car could be stolen and there will never be a time where everything is perfect.

    Just plunge into it and start. Many successful entrepreneurs started their businesses with little to nothing, but still took the plunge.

  10. Be Decisive

    One true distinction between the successful and the poor is that the successful person is always decisive. They think well about their options and when they take a decision, they stand by it and do not waver.

    You should be decisive in your business endeavor and stick to them no matter what.


These are the 10 things you can do to overcome fear in starting any business. I hope they have been useful to helping you take the plunge into starting your own business despite the fear. Don’t worry, the fear will go once you do it.

Finally, do what I did. Take a long walk to clear your head and come back to do it. It helps.

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