Take Responsibility for Your Attitude

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take responsibility for your attitude

Never let anybody be responsible for your feelings. Take responsibility for your attitude and your quality of life will be better than it is right now.


Nobody controls how you feel or think unless you let them. You experience about 50,000 – 60,000 thoughts every day and they are yours.

Never let the way people feel about you affect your thoughts and feelings.

People will always have something to say about someone other than themselves. And they will definitely talk about you. It is left to you to either take what they say to heart, think about it all day long and make it spoil your day or you could forget about it and do your thing… the thing that makes you happy.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, do like my principal in high school would, he would say, “lets talk (think) about things that will give us joy and happiness”.

Use this Mantra I formulated, ―They think. So what? I think and that‘s what matters to me; to position your thoughts for good.

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Whenever you realize or notice that people are talking behind your back and they are not saying nice things about you, don’t think about it. I know it is easier said than done but with practice you would soon be a master at these things.

Know that your feelings are something you can control. Knowing this will make you feel more empowered and able to change your thinking pattern.

I‘m sure you must have heard this phrase before, ―you are what you think. Yes, the product of your thoughts is your character, your behavior, your habit. If you always think that you are poor, that you have no money, you show such mannerisms in the way you behave and you will not be able to see money making opportunities when they present themselves.

If you think you will fall sick anytime soon, trust me, you will fall sick.

If you think a guy or lady is far out of your league and that you cannot get that person you will be stuck with someone less than your dream person.

Another adage says ―What you see is what you get. I say ―What you think is what you get.

There was a joke I heard from a comedian that if a man who is rich in mind (a man who thinks he is rich) wants to buy egg roll and the price is N100, he will pay the money right away and get it.

But if a poor man in mind, even if he has enough money wants to buy the same egg roll and he is told the same price he thinks and asks how much buns is and maybe he is told N20, he asks how much boiled egg is and he is told N20, he buys the buns and the boiled egg, he opens the buns and puts the boiled egg inside and eats it.

That‘s the way a man poor in mind will act when the rich in mind will do things differently.

The poor in mind will think he has saved money, but the rich in mind will know that to enjoy life he will have to build businesses that will get him money to buy whatever he wants.

Learn to think positively and the quality of your life will increase drastically. Make a plan today to stop negative thinking and start thinking positively.

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