List of 80 Profitable Small Business to Start

List of 80 Profitable Small Business to Start

This is a list of 80 profitable small businesses to start in Nigeria. But is in no means exhaustive nor is it meant for the Nigerian alone. Anybody in any country can start any of these businesses where they are.

Even if the topic of this post suggests that it is 80 small businesses; I don’t want you to actually think there are only 80 small business opportunities in Nigeria. Business opportunities are rampant and all you need to do is look around you, what do people in your neighborhood need?

Give it to them and you will already have a small business in your hands.

You might think, as you read along, that some of these businesses are too small for a person of your status; I mean, you went to school for four years and read some fancy course; this type of business cannot be for you right?

Wrong! All great businesses started small. Even a bean cake (acara) business can become a national and even a multinational business because let’s face it, bean cake is delicious and even outsiders will love it.

List of 80 Profitable Small Business to Start

You can start any so-called “small” business and grow it into a big business bringing you lots of cash. All you have to do is think big but start small.

1. Raw Food Stuff Business

2. Call Card Business

3. Childcare Business

4. Cleaning Business

5. Eatery Business

6. Auto Rental Business

7. Bread shop Business

8. Hamper Business

9. Film Production Business

10. Illustrations Design Business

11. Telephone Repair Business

12. Recreational center Business

13. Wine Bar Business

14. Web Radio Business

15. Transport Business

16. Gems Line Business

17. Versatile auto wash Business

18. Gathering Rental Business

19. Pizza Delivery business

20. Nursing Home Business

21. Poultry cultivate Business

22. Beautifiers Business

23. Microfinance Business

24. Fitting Business

25. Protection Agency Business

26. Tomato Farming Business

27. Carpentry Business

28. Horticultural Business

29. Fish cultivating Business

30. Natural cultivating Business

31. Transportation Company

32. Land Investment Business

33. Gadgets Repair Business

34. Dispatch Service Business

35. Independent Writing Business

36. Motherless Children’s Home Business

37. Expressions and Crafts Business

38. Attire Store

39. Chiropractic Business

40. Irritation Control Business

41. Screen Printing Business

42. Gaming Business

43. Texture Business

44. Auto-Repair Shop

45. Aquaponics Business

46. Memorial service Home business

47. Pizza business

48. Sun powered board repair business

49. Dispatch Business

50. Cupcake Business

51. Boutique Business

52. Rabbit raising

53. Gathering Equipment Rentals

54. Clothing/pressing administration/garments cleaning

55. Kindling Delivery Service

56. Hand-Made Carton Production Business

58. Fish cultivating

59. Herb cultivate

60. Chalk generation

61. Set up a little poultry

62. Generation of light

63. Grasscutter cultivating

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64. Fluid air freshener generation

65. Snail cultivating

66. Ice piece creation

67. Plantain chips

68. Yam flour

69. Custard producing

70. Offers of Mobile Phone Accessories

71. Bean Cake Frying

72. Versatile Mini Restaurant

73. Mobile Mini Snack Bar or Spot

74. Nourishment Stuff Sales

75. Hair Salon

76. Begin a Marketing Company

77. Blogging and Internet Marketing

78. Smaller than usual Importation

79. Transport Business Management

80. Finally, your mind.


Home business opportunities are out there and all you have to do is open your mind to be able to perceive them and you will come up with all sorts of businesses you can start.