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stop negative thinking

I once had a roommate in the university. I will not say the name so as not to reveal his identity. Every or most mornings when I wake up and feeling real good about the day and life in general, this roommate of mine wakes up and the first thing he does is to hiss. As if he is angry with the whole world. This post will show you how to stop negative thinking for good.

I honestly don‘t know why he does that.

I don‘t know if he still does it and frankly I don‘t want to know because spending time with a pessimistic person will corrupt your mind.

This is a mind filled with negative thoughts.

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One day someone asked him if he can change and he said it was too late to change.

He was not more than 20 years old as at that time and even if you are 90 years old it is never too late to change the way you think.

Negative thought spoils your mood, kills your happiness and robs you of all the joys and pleasant things the day has to offer.

How You Can Stop Negative Thinking;

Don‘t let people ruin your plans.

People will always make something seem more worrisome than they really are.

During my SIWES defense (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) IT (Industrial Training), people were talking about it and how it was going to be tough because of the engineers, professors and doctors in the class asking different questions.

All these got into some of the students and they went in for their defense with fear in their minds expecting the worst.

We had to make a power point presentation for the defense.

A colleague of mine had a cartoon character carry a big question mark on its back signifying that he was going to be bombarded with questions. And guess what? He was asked many tough questions that at a time his voice began trembling and he could not answer them all.

He already had the thought of so many tough questions. It was in his mind all along and he got what he was thinking about.

When it eventually got to my turn as I was thinking ―this thing should be easy and fun and there is no problem‖ all the very difficult professors and doctors capable of asking the toughest questions suddenly had a class to attend to which left the lenient and soft lecturers to attend to my defense.

Needless to say my defense was awesome, no fear whatsoever, no sweat and no shivering, I was just having fun, giving lots of smiles and collecting lots of smiles too.

Do you think it was coincidence that made the tough lecturers leave the room when it was just about my turn to defend? No.

It was a product of my thought of a hassle free defense.

Now, all everybody talked about was a tough defense, but for me defense was smooth.

Don‘t let people enter your head and make you feel something is supposed to be difficult.

Don‘t be swept away by the crowd enhanced anxiety and instead of taking time to think things over and see the bright side of it or get an answer that works for you, you let the pressure get to you and fall in line even though doing so does not match who you are.

Making a plan to be more positive and kill all negative thoughts in your life will be a move in the right direction.

Your plan can be simple;

You can vow to identify and record your daily thoughts each day and to take time to reflect on why you had those thoughts and how you can improve them.

Ok, you may be thinking ―How on earth should I record my daily thoughts? It will drive me crazy!

There is an absolute answer to that.

You know how sometimes you just find yourself feeling bad or angry or frustrated or depressed for no apparent reason?

It means you were not thinking good and positive thoughts.

Whenever you find yourself feeling bad about something……


……then ask yourself why you‘re feeling the way you‘re feeling and when you find it, (think back systematically to the time you felt good and before you get there, you would have found the thought that made you sad) discard it and begin to think of positive thoughts.

If like me, sometimes you don‘t even know why you‘re upset, it means what you‘re upset about it meaningless. So you forget about it and live your life living and thinking positively.

We all think unconsciously with emotions so when you catch yourself feeling a wrong emotion, let it go and bring your mind back to the positive side of life.

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As you continue to execute your plan, you will see that identifying your negative thoughts becomes easier and maintaining a negative attitude will be harder.

“You bring about what you think about.”

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