Start an Online Information Publishing Empire

Start an Online Information Publishing Empire


How do you Start an Online Information Publishing Empire

Have you wondered how you can start an online information publishing empire and make more money from it than you can handle?

Do you know how to go about starting such venture and having it pay off for you in the next three to six months of constant marketing and promotion?

Information marketing is one of the very lucrative business niche in the world that will bring money into your account continuously and feed you and your family for years to come.

It is easy to start and the profit margin is large because pricing is not done according to cost, pricing is done according to value. You can create a product for literally nothing and sell it for hundreds or thousands of dollars; which means your profit is can be in the hundred percent margin.

The profit potential, although very tempting, does not limit the work to be done on the marketing and promotion of your business and product.

It Requires Work

Like every other valuable businesses out there, starting a business from scratch will require a lot of time and energy from you. If you are starting on a shoe string budget the time can be longer but if you already have the money to spend on buying ad spaces then your time can be cut short and your investment start paying off.

So how can you start an information business and grow it into an information empire?

Find out what people want.

Go on online forums and look at what they are talking about. Go to yahoo ask, search for the category that interests you and look for the one question most people are talking about.

In most cases you will find a good number of things people are looking for and you can create that product for them and market it to them.


Create a website for your product, a sales copy and an online payment processor that is easy and convenient for your customers to order the product online.

Most people want convenience and if you ask them to leave where they are, and go to a bank to pay into a bank account, you will be losing a sale because most people don’t want to do that. They want to pay right now and get the product right now without leaving where they are and that is why an online payment processor is important for your information empire.


You want to market your product to the right people and make your money. There are many traffic funnels out there, many paid and many free. I suggest you start with the free ones and when you find a winning method you roll out with paid advertising.

One final note.

It is important to collect the email addresses of people interested in your product because most people will not buy immediately from you. They will want to feel comfortable with your product first before they can trust you. Give something away for free on your site in exchange for their email address and so you can market to them later. For instance on my home page, I give people 105 free home based businesses to start in exchange for their email and with this email I can also market to them later.

You have to make sure you give people something valuable, something they want or better still need. this is a list of some of the things people want;

  1. More money
  2. Security
  3. Know how
  4. Acceptance


Find out more about what people want and market it to them and you will never go hungry again.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. – Theodore Roosevelt

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