Here’s A Quick Way To Save Money On A Tight Budget

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There isn’t a person on this Earth who hasn’t thought, “How can I save money?” Today you are going to learn how you can save money on a tight budget.

Money has always been the second biggest factor that causes stress, worries and negativity, after health issues.

Sometimes when you are barely getting by, it seems impossible to find additional ways to save money.

However, it is times like this when you need to work even harder to give yourself the extra savings you need as a cushion to cover unexpected expenses.

It is so important to make saving money a priority.

Here are 5 simple ways you can save money on a tight budget.

1. Cancel your cable bill

One of the easiest ways to find extra money to put towards saving money is to cancel your cable bill.

It’s often amazing the amount that people pay to watch television.

Usually, the conversation will come up, and people will be complaining about the $100 or more a month bill.

You may want to cancel everything entirely, but if that does not appeal to you consider using Netflix or Hulu+ to get your television fix.

The combined services cost about $16.00 a month, and you can put the extra savings in the bank each month.

2. Go Meatless

Meat is expensive, so it pays to have a few days per week when you eat like a vegetarian.

This can mean anything from vegetarian chili, to beans and rice, to a pasta-based meal.

By nixing meat just a couple of days per week, you could conserve around $10 on your weekly shopping trip, resulting in a savings of $40 per month.

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3. Save Your Change

Once you start using more cash, you can then take part in a save your change challenge, where you collect all of your loose change to see how much you can save in a month or even a year.

You can make it a competition with your family members or friends or perhaps agree that you’ll all go out to eat together using the change you’ve collected at the end of the year.

4. Find a Way to Cut Back on Big Expenses

Take a look at your overall budget. Is your car payment too much? Can you find a cheaper place to live that is still nice? Could you move in with roommates to save on rent?

These options may be the last steps you take as you look for ways to increase your savings, but they really can help you save a good amount of money on your bills each month.

The lower you keep these costs, the easier it will be to stick to your budget.

If you do decide to sell your car, be sure that you handle it correctly and that you buy a reliable older car.

5. Utilize Discounts

It can be hard to stick to your budget, especially when you feel like you can never have any fun.

It is important to budget money for entertainment costs, but you can save money on these costs by taking advantage of online and offline deals that you can get through Amazon Local, Living Social or Groupon.

The trick for these deals is only to buy the ones that you know you will use and to stop once you have hit your limit for the month.

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You can score some great deals on everything from massages to dinner for two.

You need to be careful that you do not end up spending more than you planned once you are there.


There are many ways to save money in dozens of different categories in your life. Believe it or not, there are even more ways to save money that aren’t included on this list. And, while it’s important to monitor your spending, be aware of energy costs, and keep your grocery bills in check.

Why is saving money important to you? What’s your reason?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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