Rich Individuals Vs Poor Individuals

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Rich individuals vs poor individuals

Rich Individuals Vs Poor Individuals

27 ways rich individuals think compared to how poor individuals think

Rich individuals think: “I make my life.” Poor individuals think: “Life/shit happens to me.”

Rich individuals play the cash game willing to win. Poor individuals play the cash game hoping to not lose.

Rich individuals are focused on being rich. Poor individuals hope to be rich.

Rich individuals prepare to stun the world. Destitute individuals think little.

Rich individuals concentrate on circumstances. Destitute individuals concentrate on difficulties.

Rich individuals respect other rich and effective individuals. Needy individuals detest rich and fruitful individuals.

Rich individuals connect with constructive, fruitful individuals. Needy individuals connect with pessimistic or unsuccessful individuals.

Rich individuals will advance themselves and their self value. Needy individuals think pessimistically about offering and advancement.

Rich individuals are greater than their problems. Needy individuals are smaller than their difficulties.

Rich individuals are magnificent recipients. Destitute individuals are poor collectors.

Rich individuals get paid due to their results. Destitute individuals get paid due to their time.

Rich individuals think “both”. Needy individuals think “either/or”.

Rich individuals concentrate on their total assets. Needy individuals concentrate on their working wage.

Rich individuals deal with their cash well. Destitute individuals misuse their cash well.

Rich individuals have their cash work for them. Needy individuals work for their cash.

Rich individuals act regardless of what they fear. Needy individuals let fear stop them.

Rich individuals always learn and develop themselves. Destitute individuals think they already know.

Rich individuals think for the long haul. The working class thinks here and now.

Rich individuals discuss thoughts and ideas. The white collar class discusses things and individuals.

Rich individuals grasp change. The working class is debilitated by change.

Rich individuals go out on a limb. The white collar class is hesitant to go out on a limb.

Rich individuals consistently learn and develop. The white collar class thinks learning finished with school.

Rich individuals work for profits. The white collar class works for compensation.

Rich individuals trust they should be liberal. The white collar class trusts it can’t stand to give.

Rich individuals have various sources of their income. The white collar class has just a single or two.

Rich individuals concentrate on expanding their riches. The working class concentrates on expanding its paychecks.

Rich individuals ask enabling questions. White collar class individuals put forth sabotaging inquiries.

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