Never Fear Change

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never fear change

Never Fear Change

Most of us, including myself, fear change. In most cases it is not that the change will cause us any kind of harm, it is just that we have become so familiar with the current situation of things, we have settled down into comfort and when something or someone threatens to change what we have been familiar with our brains resist and we act it out in the form of fear, procrastination or in some cases, we act out in disastrous ways like taking drugs and alcohol which, as you know, leads to a disastrous lifestyle and inevitable end.

What is Change?

Change is to become different. it is a process of transformation from one situation to the other. It is the only constant thing and we must be okay with it because if we don’t find a way to be okay with okay with it, seeing that change will always occur in every sphere of our lives, we will continue to be unhappy trying to resist life.

In life, to become the person you need or want to be, you need to change who you are right now. If you want to become successful, you need to think and act like the rich and successful do; which will require you to change so many things in your life and you must be okay with it. It should be the thing you sacrifice to get to where you want to be.

How to Get Good Success

To become successful in life, the good success, not the bad success, you must never access your performance by someone else’s competence. That is the gateway to massive unhappiness.

When you compare yourself to others you begin to see the places in which they are better than you are and that will lead you to continuously strive to be like or better than they are and even when you reach their level, and maybe sometimes surpass them, you will find another person better than you and you strive to be better than that person.

It will be a constant striving to be better than someone else, and no matter what you do there will always be someone better than you in some things and if you continue to measure your success by someone else’s competence, you will never be happy.

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My Story

When I was in secondary school (high school), I was not so good at academics and my parents never missed an opportunity to tell me how my neighbor was always topping his class. My mum actually told me of how her friend’s daughter, whom I have never met before, was always topping her class.

It so happened that I have never been so much of a sensitive person so I never thought of it too much until when I began my journey to self-improvement and realized that we should never compare ourselves with others and it reminded me of my parents shouts on me about how my neighbor was smart and better than the rest of his peers.

I resolved to never compare myself to others and even compare my children to comparisons with others.

The Only Person You Can Be In Competition With

We are who we are and we will become who we were meant to be. The one and only person you should be in competition with is yourself. Always measure your success by your previous success and always look to surpass your previous accomplishments. That way when you achieve better than your yesterday, you will be happy with yourself and your progress. Know how much you are you are worth and strive to become that person.

So, embrace change and earn to live with it, especially if it is a change that will move your life forward.
Do you want to quit your job?
How about changing your present living situation?
In some cases, change will be good for you.
Go out of your comfort zone and resolve to never fear change and in the nearest future you will thank yourself for taking the plunge.



Are you afraid of change?

If you are, today is the day to begin to plan your way out of that fear. Either you go through it or around it. Either way, you must have to deal with it.

Are you ready to begin to handle your fear head on.

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