Lesson Learnt from Cleopatras Biography

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lesson learnt from cleopatra's biography


I just finished reading the biography of Cleopatra, and a major lesson was impressed on me that I ought to share to you and that lesson I got from her relationship with Mark Anthony.

Cleopatra was a very beautiful woman and the last queen of Egypt. She inherited the kingdom with her brother from her elder sister and then killed her brother so that she could reign alone.

Mark Anthony, who already had his own wife and children, became madly in love with her. I’m not sure that I can blame him though, she was very beautiful and very charming.

She lured Mark Anthony away from his duties of being a ruler and enticed him with all sorts of enjoyments and celebrations. Day in and day out while his business of running an empire was left unattended.

His wife did all she could to make him come back home and take care of the pressing issues that needed his urgent attention but Cleopatra’s charm was too strong to resist. So he stayed.

Eventually, war broke out in his own empire, which was started by his wife to get his attention. The neglect of his duties led Octavius to wage a war against him.

Mark Anthony’s Foolishness

Anthony’s army was strongest on the ground but when Octavius came to him on the water, against the advice of his generals, Anthony sought to do the wish of Cleopatra to fight on the water.

Needless to say, he was humiliated. He and Cleopatra fled the battle.

Incompetence is not easily hidden from your followers and they know when they have been defeated and so Anthony’s army surrendered to Octavius’s army and seeing that, Anthony asked his servant, Eros, to kill him but Eros instead, killed himself and this led Anthony to pierce himself with his own sword.

Cleopatra, on the other hand had built a tomb for herself, fled there with two of her servants and committed suicide after a long bout with Octavius and trying to kill herself on numerous occasions but was stopped by Octavius’s guards.

The Author’s Comment

At the end of the book, the author, Jacob Abbott said this “The case of Mark Anthony affords one of the most extraordinary examples of the power of unlawful love to lead its deluded and infatuated victim into the very jaws of open and recognized destruction that history records. Cases similar in character occur by thousands in common life; but Anthony’s, though perhaps not more striking in itself than a great multitude of others have been, is the most conspicuous instance that has ever been held up to the observation of mankind”.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because the lives of many men and their families have been ruined because of the influence of another woman from outside. Many men, like Anthony, have neglected their duties in their families and have been blinded by another woman who uses the enjoyments of the flesh to subdue the man. The man will neglect his wife and his children and in most cases no matter what is said to the man concerning the situation, he never seems to listen to counsel.

Cleopatra died over 2000 years ago but that does not mean her methods are dead. There are many “Cleopatras” among us today that are putting men to ruin through carnal enjoyments of the flesh.

The Lesson

So, to all my men and young boys out there, surely there are temptations from all sides from every kind of woman but you have to be faithful to just one, your woman. I have read the interview of some of the richest men in the world about their priorities, and they all followed the same pattern by saying, God, family and work.

That should be your own priority list. Spirituality, your family and your work and you will surely be successful.

“The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of the people”

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