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How to use Knowledge to achieve your goals

Specific Know-how

Have you ever wondered how people from a different background and education succeed in a completely different environment?

It is the specific know how of their trade that has elevated them to heights only dreamed about by the lazy ones who don‟t even know how to get to where they want to?

Specific know how of one‟s trade, or profession is one of the ways the incredibly rich among us reach great heights.

How to do things you cannot do

One of the differences between the incredibly rich and the mediocre person is that the rich, when they want to accomplish something, realizing that they do not know how to get it done, determine and write is down as a goal to go learn how to do that.

For example, you are fascinated by the world of web design and want to be an expert in that profession, you go out there and read books, look at websites and try to copy their design, then try to design your own original website.

The successful person determines to learn the trade of web design by going to seminars on web design, buying books and software on web design and in no time at all, they would have become competent in what they want to accomplish in their lives and if they continue like that, they will become one of the greats in that field.

But most failures and mediocre ones think that because they do not know how to do that, web design for instance, they stop. They don’t even try to learn the basics of their trade.

Difference between schooling and education

There is a difference between schooling and education. Schooling is what you get during which you go through grade school, to high school to college and get a certificate.

Education is what you get afterwards.

Most people, after school, never for once pick up a book to read and they wonder why they are stuck in a mediocre state of life.

To become great in your field, you need to read at least two books every month about your field.

They say the knowledge that you have known will become obsolete in the next six months so you have to always replenish your library.

Educate yourself

Educate yourself and educate your children and they will never starve again in their lives because contained in those books that they read are words of wisdom on creating the perfect life and the unlimited success they are going to get in life.

You must be curious as to the happenings in your field if not, a more curious and industrial person in your field will take your job and if you are not up to date with current events, who can say, a computer software might just be the one to take your job away from you.

Imbibe in your life the habit of reading at least thirty minutes a day in your career every day and in six months you would have become an expert in your field that people go to for advice.

Your boss notices your hard work and contribution to the company and promotes you.

You should know now that your level of reading must step up if you want to be kept in that new position and if you want to be promoted again.

Continue reading for at least thirty minutes a day in your field of work and you will always be the go to guy for challenges in the workplace and you get rewarded by being constantly promoted and celebrated.

If you are into your own business the same applies to you.

Read for at least thirty minutes a day in your chosen field every day and you will become, in six months, one of the leading giants in your industry.

But your new found fame and fortune must not get into you that you stop doing what brought you here in the first place.

Continue with the habit of reading like this every day, new materials in your industry and you will be astonished as to the height you will reach in this world.

Also, instill in your children the discipline of reading.

If they are still very young or if they just started reading, make them read story books that teaches them morals and integrity at least two books in a week including the bible and when the time comes that they can think for themselves clearly, make them read other classics like the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.

These books will imbibe in your kids the necessary tools to move forward in life. Nobody has seen a socially awkward person who cannot make a conversation climb the corporate ladder of success unless of course that person is a computer geek. Let reading become a culture in your home.

Two types of knowledge

There are two kinds of knowledge, the general knowledge and the specialized knowledge. The general knowledge is not as useful in the accumulation of riches except you will a whole load of money playing a trivia TV game where you are asked a whole bunch of random, trivia questions.

Specialized knowledge however, is the accumulation of a specific knowledge or skill of trade that you can use to add value to the lives of people if you wish to be successful.

Examples of people with specialized knowledge

Bill Gates specialized in creating software and now he is the richest man in the world.

Warren Buffet is a specialist in investing and he is the second richest man in the world.

Anthony Robbins specializes in helping people gain confidence in their selves.

David Ogilvy, Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy are specialists in advertising and direct mail.

Thomas Edison is an inventor specialist and never wanted to become a doctor or mechanic in the process.

History is filled with people who specialize in their trade and set their footprints on the sand of time and will never be forgotten in a million years to come.

Celine Dion once said that music is the only thing she knows and I’m sure you know who I‟m talking about.

Specialize your knowledge

If you also want to set your footprints on the sands of time you must specialize in your trade.

There is a saying that goes like this “specialize, then expand”. If you really want to expand, you must first be a specialist at something and then when you have that area of your life conquered, you can then expand which is not a must.

Shawn “Jay Z” Carter was first a music mogul before becoming a business man with his own clothing line. Same with puff daddy.

These are some examples of people who specialized and expanded and are still making waves in the world today.

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