Inexpensive Ways to Have a Good Time

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How do you have a good time when you don’t have enough money? Are there inexpensive ways to have a good time?

Yes, there are. What you do is you look for things you can do when you don’t have the money to do expensive things. You look for inexpensive ways to have a good time. This post will show you those inexpensive ways to have a good time.

Never let the lack of money interfere with you having fun.

When you are on a tight budget, it can be easy to dwell on the things you can’t afford to do. However, remember that happiness isn’t about how much money you have–it is about the time spent in love and with loved ones.

These activities won’t just save you money, they will also bring simplicity and happiness into your life.

Below are some inexpensive ways to have a good time instead of spending money you should be saving.

Take a flip the penny walk

This means you use a coin to go for a walk. What you do is you assign each side of the coin to either left or right. Heads for right and tails for left. But make sure you know your way around where you’re going so you don’t get lost.

Wash your car outside

And blast your favorite music while at it. That is if you’re sure you won’t disturb the neighbors. Or you can play your favorite music at a reasonable volume.


Do a Netflix marathon. Binge watch your favorite shows. I personally enjoy binge watching Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

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Stay in bed

Sometimes the most fun you have is when you do nothing. Stay in bed and don’t go anywhere. But, this is only if you absolutely have nothing doing. If you have work please go to work. I don’t want to promote laziness. This is a personal finance platform.

Play a board game

Monopoly is the best board game to use and kill time because it takes a long time to finish, especially if you play with three other friends. Chess is also a good board game.

Window shop at the mall

Try some stuff on and take pictures. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of being around people. Woo and awe over all the latest gadgets without spending a dime.

Listen to music

Listen to your favorite music and sing and dance along.

Have fun on the Wii

Compete with your family and friends on your Wii or Xbox. Loser does the dishes.

Play party games with friends and family

There are many party games apps on Google Playstore. Download them and play with your friends and family members. If you want to make it a bit more interesting, make a non-monetary bet. Loser does the dishes for the next week.


Can you sing? or are you okay singing in front of strangers? Do you have what it takes to make it on American Idol? Go to a karaoke bar and have fun singing some of your favorite songs.

Clean up your finances

When you’re feeling bored, cleaning up your finances can be a productive way to pass time. Look at the areas you spend too much and look at how you can cut back and save more money. Figure out ways to get out of debt.

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What other inexpensive ways have you used to have a good time?

Let us know in the comment section below and I’ll add it to the list in this post.

Inexpensive Ways to Have a Good Time
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