Ways You Can Improve Your Relationship With Money

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How can you improve your relationship with money?

It’s pretty simple.

Change your mindset about money.

How can you change your mindset about money?

Forget what people might have told you in the past about money

When it comes to our belief system, most of us have unfortunately often received an entirely wrong message.

People use sayings like this too easily and don’t really understand the damage they can do with it.

Forget every limiting statements you might have heard about money in the past and start conjuring your own beliefs in form of…………..


Affirmations are words you can use to trick your subconscious mind into believing what you want it to believe.

Some money affirmations you can say to yourself every morning and evening are;

  1. I feel Rich
  2. Money loves me.
  3. I attract money now
  4. I am very happy & grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities from many sources on a continuous basis
  5. Money flows to me easily
  6. I have more than enough money
  7. I am willing, ready and able to receive money
  8. There is abundance everywhere
  9. I am a money magnet
  10. I am grateful for what I already have and for all that I receive now.
  11. Money now comes to me from unexpected sources & I am grateful
  12. I am a rich child of a loving universe
  13. I have the power to attract money
  14. My income is growing higher and higher
  15. I receive money happily now
  16. Money flows to me easily
  17. I am sensible with money and manage it wisely.
  18. I allow my income to constantly expand and I always live in comfort and joy
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Doing this daily will help improve your relationship with money.

Create a Vision Board

Visualization is a very powerful tool when it comes to changing your mindset, and a vision board can definitely help you in the process.

If you are really serious about changing your money mindset, you should check out this vision board guide and follow the steps in creating your perfect vision board that actually works.

Practice Gratitude.

Having a gratitude list or a gratitude journal is another very powerful tool the law of attraction has on offer.

This exercise is really powerful when it comes to your mindset change. Not only for your money mindset!

You should try it out and start with a gratitude list today. You can do this in your morning routine or just before you go to bed.

But practicing gratitude is so much more than just writing down what you are grateful for. Gratitude is something you should live throughout your day, actually throughout your whole life.

Start by being thankful for all the little things in life, and I’m sure whatever situation you are in right now when you start to focus on gratitude, you will find plenty of things to be grateful for.

You will soon realize that this is switching your whole mindset, your filter will be set to things you are grateful for, and you will attract more of these things into your life.

Set big hairy audacious goals (BHAG)

The problem with most goals is that they are not big enough to motivate you to take (massive) action.

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Huge goals, on the other hand, will really fire you up. So when it comes to money, it’s even more important that you think bigAnd dream big!

Whatever it is you are offering the world in exchange for money, I bet there is someone in the world doing the same and who earns an unbelievable amount of money with it.

I mean there are people making millions by:

  • Traveling the world
  • Helping others
  • Living their dream
  • In their sleep
  • Working only a few hours a week

And the list goes on and on…

So don’t you think it’s time to think big and finally change your money mindset?

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