How to use the Power of Marketing to make more Sales

How to use the Power of Marketing to make more Sales

Power of Marketing

Many people want to know how to use the power of marketing to make more sales and sell things online but they don’t usually get it right. they out stuff online and hope people will somehow find their site and buy things. It doesn’t work like that.

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The following phrase might be true about offline brick and mortar businesses but when it comes to online business it will totally lose…… “build it and they’ll come”. Nobody will come. Your site will rot out there and gather online dust.

You advertise. You market your product hence the phrase INTERNET/ONLINE MARKETING.

This is where you make yourself a buck-load of money every day of your life.
FOREVER if you don’t stop marketing.

Let me just tell you something.

If you do this well it will pay for your everything, your fees, your rent, your water bill, light bill. It will pay for your wedding ceremony without your family members assisting at all, pay for your family house and your children’s school fees just as it paid yours.

Bottom line

If you do this right money will never stop entering your account.
Do you understand?

Let’s now go to the back bone of internet marketing…… MARKETING


How to use the Power of Marketing to make more Sales

Marketing is the spinal cord of internet marketing. It is the spinal cord of any business at all that wants to make profits. Without it we might as well just wasted our very precious time looking for a web hosting company, getting a domain name and even going through all the stress of having to learn how to create a website.

If you don’t want your efforts to be in vain you must go through the most important stage of internet marketing.

Marketing is the selling of products and services in such a way as to make them desirable.

But before we go deep into marketing let me tell you about the brain of internet marketing.

Remember the spinal cord is the marketing itself.

The brain is the SALES LETTER. Some people call it COPYWRITING.

You know you are not meeting your customers eye to eye and your online business is just starting, you will have to convince people that your product is the best. Not necessarily the best but that it will deliver.

You make people want your product with your sales letter.
Your sales letter must have a headline that captures your prospective customers.
Your headline must tell people……LOOK AT ME!

If people look at your website and read your headline you are gold.
Now in your sales letter you must convince people that they need your product.

First of all you will have to know your niche and have a connection with them so that your sales letter will be genuine.

I have seen sales letters that are not genuine and lie about their products.
Please be genuine and your customers will love you for it.
I included a free book for you on copywriting so that you can use it and learn how to be an expert copywriter.

Remember, it’s all in the process.

If you are passionate about what you do and truly, really care about your customers you do not need more than a five paged sales letter to get them to buy from you, because as you write your sales letter you are connecting with them both intellectually and emotionally and it will not take them too much guaranteeing to buy from you.

That’s why I suggest you enter a niche you are passionate about and that you can relate to.

That’s all about sales letter. But remember that your headline should tell your customers READ ME! It should call out to your customers.

If you want to learn more about sales letters you can check out the book MAGNETIC SALES LETTER I included in your bonus after purchasing this book. It will help you a lot.

Now back to our spinal cord……..MARKETING

This is where you tell the whole world or the community you are marketing to that you have a product to sell.

In layman’s term it is called ADVERTISING and I’m sure you know what advertising is.

In advertising/marketing you let your target market know that you have a product to sell.

Let them know, they buy, tell their friends about you, and you make more money that way.

Advertising mediums:

1. Television. (If you have the money).
2. Radio. (If you have the money).
3. Print and paste on strategic areas where you know your target market can find it.
4. Billboards. (If you have the money).
5. Email.
6. Direct mail.
7. Flyers.
8. Signage.
9. In-Store. (Placing on various receptions where your target customers can see).
10. Paid search
11. Social media (Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc.).
12. Press
13. Article submission to E-zines (If you’re low on cash you’ll need this the most if you don’t want to spend money on advertising)
14. Word-of-mouth etc.

Advertising pours customers to your site which in turn pours money into your account.

Now sit back, relax (not too relaxed) and watch as money pours into your account.

Some other ways of making money via online marketing is also offline marketing.
Sounds contradicting, right?

No it’s not.

Sometimes it is rather difficult and frustrating as to how much time we have to spend before getting reasonable traffic to our site after using all these methods listed above.

Truth is that some of us will lose hope and just give up on it.

Firstly, I don’t blame you. You’ve seen all the so called “make so so and so in so so time” and you thought you could but nothing happened. So you just gave up.

But as long as you’re reading this particular book you’ve proven to yourself and others that you rise up whenever you fall and that you’re not a quitter which is why I know that you already have fifty percent of what you need to succeed in this business.

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Some other useful marketing mediums you can use to make cash are:

1. JOINT VENTURE: Joint venture is a partnership between other internet marketers who have already built a trust worthy and steady database of customers. You tell the internet marketer that you have a product to market and that he should help you promote your product to his or her database of verified and trusted database and you will split the profits. Its okay to split the profits anyway you want but I will recommend as a starter to split the profit 50/50. You can ignite the person’s interest with this offer.

2. RENTING A MAILING LIST: You can rent another person’s list of satisfied customers to promote your product to. Sometimes $2.00 per name. But make sure you pick a well satisfied list of trusted and verified customers. A little trick to get them to respond rapidly is to let the owner of the list promote the product. Just like the joint venture partnership. The reason is this, they don’t know you so they cannot trust you. They did not subscribe to your own list but they know and trust the owner of the list and are already receptive to his offers so it will be easier to make sales when the owner of the list promotes your product by himself by endorsing you and claiming you can be trusted.

But don’t be mistaken. When you hear online marketing you should not just restrict your marketing to only the internet. The point is to sell your e-book and who says you cannot sell it offline too.

The great Ted Nicholas, one of the greatest marketing genius of all time once said in his book that you must market online and offline too.

The aim of marketing is to collect as much email addresses as you can so that you can build a list.

These words will catch your prospects attention and they will want what you have to offer.

By the way, if you want to become an expert in marketing, I recommend a genius of marketing known around the world for his marketing prowess, Dan Kennedy.
Dan Kennedy is the author of Magnetic Marketing that I recommend you get if you want to become an expert at marketing.

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