How to Stop Destructive Thoughts

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how to stop destructive thoughts


Many people, before they begin to work on their craft, get all these unnatural and self-depreciating thoughts swarming all over their heads that they will not get it done, or that they will not amount to much.

These thoughts are negative forces that will hold you back if you let them.
Whenever you wish to do something and you get all these destructive thoughts in your head, do what I do. I use the principle of ASSERTIVE auto-suggestion to get them out. But I am not talking about the principle of auto-suggestion that was mentioned earlier on in this book, I am talking about the one you need right now to get those devilish thoughts out of your head immediately.

Now, I want to get some work done and I get some of these thoughts in my head, this is what I do;

I don‟t begin to tell myself calmly, like in the auto-suggestive way that I can do it, when those thoughts enter my mind I shout, not shouting that will scare people around you, it is actually better to be alone for this. Go to your bedroom where you will be alone and say ASSERTIVELY, that the negative thought should leave you THIS INSTANT, and then you counter that negative thought with a positive one.

For instance, you want to write a book and you hear in your head, “you can‟t do that”, if you‟re in the midst of people, simply excuse yourself and go to a quiet place where they wouldn’t hear you, and say to yourself, “SHUT UP, I CAN DO IT, GET OUT FROM MY HEAD RIGHT NOW”. Immediately you say that, go and begin your work immediately.

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Remember, in the bible where Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil in the wilderness, during the first temptation He spoke softly to the devil. But the devil came back to tempt Him a second time where he also spoke gently to the devil. The devil still came a third time and maybe Jesus Christ was already getting fed up of his constant disturbance that he had to use a MUCH GREATER METHOD to dismiss the devil. This time he said, definitely in a stern voice “GET AWAY FROM ME SATAN….”.

Satan would have continued to tempt him if he was still speaking softly just as he does to many of us when we handle negative thoughts with mellow. Say to your Satan, “SHUT UP AND GET AWAY FROM ME” and you will notice that the negative thought would leave you immediately.

Like in the case of habits, immediately the negative thought leaves your mind, replace it with positive affirmations that will take the place of those negative thoughts so they would not come back. Just as after Jesus got rid of Satan, angels came down from heaven to minister to Him.

Work also has many benefits; it is a secret to health, wealth success and power. Did you hear about the man who worked for fifty years and died just weeks after retirement? You may say “sure, maybe it was all the work that killed him.” But think about this, while he was working he didn’t die.

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Work is one of the secrets to good health. When you work, all your mind and concentration are on that work that you cannot think of anything negative or bad.
How many times have you found your mind wandering into the depths negative and impure thoughts when you are ideal. “An ideal mind is the devil‟s workshop.” If you have nothing to do with your hands or mind, you begin to think of all sorts of things that are not valuable to your life. But when you are actively engaged in one form of work or the other, you get all the pleasures work has to give to you like health, success and power.

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