How to Start a Poultry Farm Business

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start poultry farm business

This is how to start a poultry farm business. Starting a poultry farm is a very good small home business in Nigeria and also very lucrative, If you have ever considered starting a poultry business in Nigeria and you have no idea on how to begin, this little information will help you greatly.


So, what type of a poultry business do you want to run? Is it for medicinal purposes or to produce eggs, meat or more?

What kind of birds or chicken do you want to raise Turkey, chicken, guinea fowls, ducks etc.?

Where do you want your poultry to be situated? Remember that some poultry farms usually smells so you should make sure you are not raising them in a residential neighbourhood so as not to disturb your neighbours with the smell.

How much are you willing to invest in your poultry business? Notice that you don’t need a big capital or a fancy poultry farm at the beginning.

A small shed that you can build yourself or ask your friends to help you is very viable plus you can actually start with a few chickens, like two.  They lay eggs, you sell the eggs and use the proceeds to buy more birds (chickens and/or turkeys).

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The Health of the Animals

One major requirement for a starting a poultry farm business or any business that involves live animals is their health. Nobody will buy a sick animal and if one animal is ill it could affect the remaining and cost you your business.

So you must do everything humanly possible to make sure that the birds’ cage or poultry is kept clean at all times.

Make sure you feed the birds well also to maintain their health and also the food must be gotten from a well trusted vendor to make sure they have not been contaminated.

Provide adequate ways of disposing of their wastes because if you don’t clean out the wastes early enough, it will begin to stink the whole place and can cause some of your birds to fall ill.

Proper care must be provided for these animals as they are living things and depending on what you are using the poultry farm for, they will either be eaten of will produce something that will be eaten.

So no matter what, keep these birds in the best conditions within your power and they must also be cared for like you would care for a little baby. If you don’t have the time to take good care of them in this manner you can hire someone who would.

It may be a small business but still requires a lot of attention and work.

Advantages of having a poultry farm?

1.    They produce very well and they make plenty of babies (laying plenty of eggs)

2.    They also grow really fast so you can sell them almost as fast as they lay eggs

3.    Many people love eating eggs so you can never run out of market and customers to purchase your eggs

4.    They have high yield meaning they are very profitable which also means that you can expand your business fast and be a big man or woman in a short space of time.

5.    You only need a small amount of capital investment to begin and also a small number of birds depending on your budget.

( I am using the term ‘birds’ here so that it would not just be chickens or turkeys or ducks. You can use any kind of bird you want depending on your type of poultry business).

6.    A broiler eats little but makes lots of meat for us. (No offense to the broilers).

7.    It is a continuous source of money or income for you as it can never run out of business or season.

8.    You can collect the dung of your birds and sell them to farmers instead of throwing them away. The dungs are high in nitrogen so can be used as fertilizers for crops.

9.    You can use your poultry farm as a side business while you go about your normal day business. Just put somebody you can trust to be checking up on the farm when you are not around.

10.    Plus eggs are delicious and chicken meat is awesome.

Now that you know the advantages of a poultry farm and you can start something on the side concerning poultry farming, don’t assume you know it all, always continue to read on poultry farming and how you can better serve your customers and keep your chickens in high demand.

There are many things you can do with a chicken and numerous profit making opportunities in poultry farming than most people have considered but you can also use the feathers of these birds as pillows.

Sell the feathers to companies that make pillows and you will have another stream of income from your poultry business.

Who can you sell your eggs to?

You can sell your eggs to obviously, your neighbours but you can also sell them to the supermarkets around you and the small shops.

If you plan on going wider there are many industries that need eggs in bulk like the cake baking industries, they need lots of eggs to bake a cake and you can be their one and only vendor. But if you want businesses to be loyal to you, you must be fair and likable.

That is one of the basis of a good business owner, likable personality. You can also market your small business through the internet to get a wider range of customers.

Education breeds confidence. confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.

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