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how to set goals

Your goal is your desire. There are different types of goals, the ultimate goal which is your life’s goal, you primary goals and your secondary goals. This post will show you how to set goals to attain your desire.

Ultimate Goal

For example, your ultimate goal is to become financially independent.

Primary Goal

Your primary goals will be what you need to do to make that ultimate dream a reality. It is your goal for the next one, two or five years.

Secondary Goal

Then your secondary goals are the day to day goals you have to meet to reach the primary goals and once all the primary goals have been completed, it then becomes the attainment of your ultimate goal.

If your ultimate goal is to become a published author in the next year. Mind you, your ultimate goal is to become a published author, your primary goal is to become one in the next year and your secondary goals should be, waking up every day by five O’clock every day to write at least a thousand words.

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Goal setting is a great tool and habit you need to develop to consistently achieve your aim in life. Without goals all you want to achieve will take you a longer time to reach but with goals, because you have a time frame on them, you will be able to get what you want in the time you want it.

Goal setting must be SMART. This is an acronym for;

S= Specific

M= Measurable

A= Attainable

R= Realistic

T= Time Bound


Your goals should be specific. It is not enough to say I want to be rich. You must make it specific with an amount. Example, “I want to have in my possession the sum of $xx,xxx,xxx before December thirty first in the next five years.”

That is a specific goal.


Your goal must be measurable. Being measurable means that your goals must have a point where you say, “Yes, I have reached my goal.” Not that you just keep on going without any compass as to when you have reached your goal.


Your goal must be attainable. Trying to fly to the clouds without any support, just your body, is not an attainable goal because our bones are not hollow. If you are broke right now and you set a goal to make one hundred million dollars before the end of the week, that‟s another unattainable goal and it will put too much pressure on you. Pressure is good when you have all the tools and resources needed to get the job done, but when all you have is a wish you will crumble under the pressure.

An attainable goal for a broke person now is to try to make one hundred thousand dollars before one year is over. That‟s good pressure and it‟s definitely attainable. You might not make the exact hundred thousand in that year but you may be very close and the next year maybe you try to hit two hundred thousand. That‟s when a goal is attainable.


Realistic is almost the cousin of attainable. Jumping a fifty storey building without any aid or help is an unrealistic goal. Trying to make ten million dollars in just one month when you are broke right now is an unrealistic goal. You should aim high enough to challenge you but not in an unrealistic way.


Your goals should have a time stamp on them as to when you would want to achieve them. “I will have in my possession the sum of one hundred thousand dollars on or before the THIRTY FIRST OF DECEMBER 20xx.” That‟s a goal with a time stamp on it. This will make you work faster to achieve that goal and move onto your next goal.

Get all the resources you need to get your goals going. People, money or books are resources you may need to be on your way to achieving your goals. These things are necessary to achieve your aim or you may just be drifting from place to place with nothing to show for your time. And you will definitely not attain your goal by the time you wanted to.

You do not have all the knowledge in the world to do the things you may want to accomplish so it is wise to get ideas and tips from people who have walked the road before you and have a certain level of experience in your field.

You might not meet them in person and that is why books are available everywhere for you to drink from the knowledge of the great ones.

If You Fail – at First

If your first plan does not work successfully, it means that you have violated one of the principles of goal setting. Go back to your goals, look at them and check to see if you have missed one of the principles of a SMART goal and if it turns out that you have, rewrite your goals and correct the mistakes.

Another reason for a failed goal is that you did not have the sufficient resources to assist you in attaining your goals. It means you have not gathered the necessary information you need, you have not met and consulted with the people you need to meet and, this is the most common, you did not take specific action to make sure you get the job done. You did not act, you procrastinated or you let fear take over you. If this is the case, you need to, as NIKE says it, JUST DO IT.

How to Kill Procrastination

There is a way to kill procrastination in your life. At first it is difficult but with time it will become automatic in your life that you will not have to stress like you did when you started this practice.

Whenever you have something you need to get done at a specific time, in order not to forget, you set an alarm, when the time comes and the alarm clock goes off and you begin to feel as if you should not do it or we say to ourselves, which is also the most common statement we tell ourselves in this situation, “I will do it later.” Say this to yourself, “DO IT NOW.” After saying this to yourself, stop whatever it is you are doing at the moment and do what you are supposed to do at that particular time.

The first time will be daunting regardless, but just do it. The next time do the same thing. Say to yourself, “DO IT NOW” and do it immediately.

With time this task will get easier and will become a habit to you. When it becomes a full habit and is already a part of your life, you will not have to say the phrase again, when the time comes for you to do what you have to do, the phrase will play itself in your subconscious mind and you will as NIKE says, JUST DO IT without even thinking about it. It will become an automatic behaviour and will make your life a more productive life.

This is a great thing as it covers a scroll from the book “THE GREATEST SALESMAN IN THE WORLD” BY OG MANDINO. In the first scroll “TODAY I BEGIN A NEW LIFE” where he said “I WILL FORM GOOD HABITS AND BECOME THEIR SLAVE.”

Most of us humans are ridiculed with bad habits that we don‟t even know about because those habits have been in us since we were little and it has become a subconscious habit in us. We are its slave. We are slaves to gluttony, lust, pride and other vices but when we take control of our destiny and change our lives for the better by forming good habits, in time those habits, with concentration, consistency and commitment, will become second nature to us and we will become their “slave” and our lives will be blissful.

Take note of the way you can kill procrastination in your life. Make sure you do it as said with every aspect of your life. Maybe you are an alcoholic, you have a drink in your hand that you just bought and brought out of the fridge, you remember these sayings and you wish to stop drinking, you tell yourself, “I should throw these bottles of alcohol away” but definitely and as it should be, you are having doubts about that. Just tell yourself to DO IT NOW and immediately, even if you don‟t feel like doing it, grab that bottle, and all other bottles for the fridge, and empty every bottle in the sink and throw those bottles away.

It will feel hard at first because it is a habit that you already have and are trying to kill but with time it will get easier.

When you throw those bottles away, if you go back to your house and sit down trying to watch TV, your mind will wander into the garbage outside where those bottles are and you will begin to have second thoughts about what you just did.

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Secret about Habits

Here’s something about habits you should know, just like the bible said about the man who cleaned his heart from A DEVIL (or in our case, a bad habit) and left it empty. The devil came back after some time and saw that the man‟s heart is clean and also empty. He goes back and calls seven other demons to come and occupy that man‟s heart. Just as that devil went back and called seven other demons to occupy that man‟s heart, if you get rid of those drinks and leave that space in your life empty, you will go back to drinking again and this time it will be worse. You will find it extremely difficult to stop with each relapse you get.

When you stop “drinking,” (we are using drinking in this example to cover all bad habits you would like to stop. Anywhere you see drinking just change it in your mind to the habit you wish to stop) replace that habit with another habit.

Imagine you only drink immediately you come back from work. You sit on the couch and start opening bottles upon bottles of alcohol. Instead of that whenever you come back from work, shower, have something to eat and go for a walk or a run. This would keep you from drinking and at the same time make you fit.

You could also take up a hobby like playing tennis for instance, or making those little ships or arranging small model planes or even going out to play golf. Just fill in that after-work-drink habit and with time, you will gradually begin to forget about drinking and will begin to develop a strong willed mind that it will be easier to stop any other bad habit you may wish to stop.

How to develop a strong will

There is a way you can develop a strong will as mentioned by James Allen;

  1. Break off bad habits
  2. Form good habits
  3. Give scrupulous attention to the duty of the present moment
  4. Do vigorously, and at once, whatever has to be done
  5. Live by rule
  6. Control the tongue
  7. Control the mind

When you embody these principles above, you will develop a strong will power and will be able to better stir the boat of your life to whatever destination you wish. You will become the captain of your soul and the master of your fate.

“Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not whined nor cried aloud;

Under the bludgeoning of chance

My head is bloody but unbowed.

It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishment the scroll;

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.”

Don‟t think that it is that easy to change your bad habits. They are already a living force inside of you and, like any other living thing fighting for survival, they will fight you for their survival too.

You may fall every now and then when trying to break off those bad habits but don‟t give up, in time you will overcome and become a new person. You must not give in. continuous application of the way to kill procrastination will defeat any bad habit you bring it in contact with.

Remember, a winner never quits and a quitter never wins.

Keep in your mind’s eye that golden prize of total and absolute control of your life and you will make it. Never for once should you take your eyes off the prize.

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