How to Make Your Headlines Work

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How to Make Your Headlines Work

How to Make Your Headlines Work

73% of the buying decision is made in the when the prospect reads the headline.

To make your headlines blockbuster, there are certain things you need to put into consideration when writing your headline. They are outlined below;

  • Use a testimonial as your headline
  • Offer a free report
  • Ask an intriguing question to stop them right in their tracks and read your remaining copy
  • Use a one word attention getting headline. Below are a list of words that you can use in your headline that will guarantee sales for your business

Words in Headlines that Boost Sales

Absolutely.. Amazing.. Approved.. Attractive.. Authentic.. Bargain… Beautiful.. Better.. Big.. Colorful.. Colossal.. Complete.. Confidential.. Crammed.. Delivered.. Direct.. Discount.. Easily.. Endorsed.. Enormous.. Excellent.. Exciting.. Exclusive.. Expert.. Famous.. Fascinating.. Fortune.. Full.. Genuine.. Gift.. Gigantic.. Greatest.. Guaranteed.. Helpful.. Highest.. Huge.. Immediately.. Improved.. Informative.. Instructive.. Interesting.. Largest.. Latest.. Lavishly.. Liberal.. Lifetime.. Limited.. Lowest.. Magic.. Mammoth.. Miracle.. Noted.. Odd.. Outstanding.. Personalized.. Popular.. Powerful.. Practical.. Professional.. Profitable.. Profusely.. Proven.. Quality.. Quickly.. Rare.. Reduced.. Refundable.. Remarkable.. Reliable.. Revealing.. Revolutionary.. Scarce.. Secrets.. Security.. Selected.. Sensational.. Simplified.. Sizable.. Special.. Startling.. Strange.. Strong.. Sturdy.. Successful.. Superior.. Surprise.. Terrific.. Tested.. Tremendous.. Unconditional.. Unique.. Unlimited.. Unparalleled.. Unsurpassed.. Unusual.. Useful.. Valuable.. Wealth.. Weird and Wonderful.

  • Emphasize your guarantees
  • Let the font colour of your headline be red




  • The headline must be in quotation marks
  • Making your headline red in colour makes it more attention grabbing
  • Make sure the font size of your headline is in large fonts. Preferably more than four times the size of your body copy
  • Let each first letter of a word on your headline be in capital letter and the remaining letters of the word in small letters (Something Like This)
  • Make sure you emphasize one or two important words in your headline by making it bold, CAPITALIZED, underlined or italicized.
  • Let your headlines be at most 17 words. Long headlines work better than short headlines so it can convey one or two benefits. You can also make your headline a little bit longer than 17 words but, studies and tests have shown that a headline with only 17 words works best).
  • Don’t end any headline with a period (!). It stops the reader dead!



  • The Benefit Headline: this type of headline is packed with one or two benefits the prospect will get with your product
  • Quick And Easy Solutions Headline: this type of headline focuses on providing quick and easy solutions for prospects. This is an equally powerful headline technique because most people are lazy. They want all the solutions without doing any of the work. The most successful example of this kind of techniques is the Get-Rich-quick-Scheme.

Examples of the quick and easy solution headlines are;

Fast and Easy way to ……….

Instant ways to make (or get) ………….

Idiot proof way of …………….

Ridiculously fast and easy way to …………………..

In just (X number of) days, make (or get) ………….

The 12 minute slim stomach workout ……………..

The Lazy man’s way to riches

Get instant and automatic results to …………..

The quick and easy way to …………


  • The Warning Headline:

Read this before you ……………..

Never buy (or get) ………… before you read this letter


  • Testimonial Headlines: testimonial headlines are one of the most effective headlines you can ever use because people are skeptical about their first indulgence with any company. So a testimonial of another customer who has experienced your product puts the new customer at ease. Plus you can put a ton of testimonials in your body copy to sweeten the deal. The headline should include a specific benefit the customer got from doing business with you.


  • A Reason Why Headline: this headline gives an amount of reasons why someone needs to get the product you offer.


7 absolute unbreakable reasons why …………………..


  • Offer Headlines: put your offer in your headline.


Try before you buy ………..


  • Question Headlines: you ask a question in your headline that people (your target audience) can relate to. Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to. The only type of question you should ask is a question that you already know what their answer is then structure your headline in that manner. Examples: do you want to live a life free from discomfort and pain? Do you want to lose 10kg in 2 days?

Your question headline should also have a benefit included with it to make it more powerful. Example: are you in severe back pain? Read on to discover how you can cure your back pain in 2 days. Whats the secret to maximum sales in business? Read on to find out how you can make great sales in business. Serious about…………….? Here’s how to……………….


  • How To Headlines: this is the most widely used headline type and still one of the most effective headline types ever used. Example: how to ……………., how to ……………..

Effective combination of more than one headline type above. To have the most effective headline ever, you should combine some of these headline types above.



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