How to have Specialized Knowledge

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How to have Specialized Knowledge

Do you want to know How to have Specialized Knowledge in your business?

If you already know what you want to do with your life, I mean you already have your desire. Let’s assume for the sake of this example that your desire is to become a salesman but you know nothing about selling, in fact the thought of you standing in front of a total stranger trying to sell him or her something scares you to death.

The first thing you should do is to have a strong conviction about the trade you want to go into. Most people see selling as a degrading trade but all of us sell in one way or the other. For instance, you try to sell yourself to your potential employers by giving them your CV and your Resume, telling them your strengths and what you can do for their company.

So you learn how selling is a good thing and it does not only add value to you, it also adds great value to your customers too. And you can get all of these in books.

Read on your intended area of trade, in this case selling. Learn how to approach a prospect, learn how to get their attention and learn how to talk to them in a way they would not feel threatened.

Read every day for about thirty minutes in your field and within six months you would have become an expert in your field.

In no time at all you would begin to make waves and people in that same field will come to you for advice and you would be paid huge sums of money for only a fraction of your time in a day.

That’s the power of specialized learning. Continuous dedication to the studying of your field every day for at least thirty minutes will make you a formidable presence in that field and you will become one of the greatest that ever walked in that field.

If you have a problem with your spine and you go to the hospital and are presented with two doctors, one a general doctor that has little knowledge in every part of the body and the other one a chiropractor, a doctor who specializes only in the spine and bones of the human body. Which one will you want to look at you?

Same thing goes to the ladies, you are presented with a general doctor and a gynecologist, who will you choose.

Specialists in various subjects and walks of life are the most sought after people in the world today. Nobody is looking for a general person. I have a problem with my car, I call a mechanic, I have a problem with the furniture in my house, I call a carpenter, I have a problem with the pipes in my house, I call a plumber and if you have a problem with you wires and electricity in your house who do you call? If you want to do plastic surgery on your face, do you call a “general surgeon” or do you call a “Plastic” surgeon?

It’s that simple. Specialists get all the money and the “general” ones pick up the leftovers that falls from the table.

If you know doctor 90210 then you know what I am talking about.

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