How To Cultivate The Culture Of Enterprise In Nigerian Universities

How To Cultivate The Culture Of Enterprise In Nigerian Universities

Over 200,000 students graduate each year from our Nigerian universities and we all know that the employment rate is low and it has become even worse now due to the current economic problems facing the world and, it has to be said, we don’t see things getting better in the nearest future. There will still be inflation, companies will continue to lay off their workers and others will slash salaries drastically.


The problem with this picture is that many of us, students I mean, still subscribe to the doctrine of getting a job after school which, in my opinion, is not a wise decision.

It is okay to go to school, but let us go to schools to increase our faculties and get all the experiences we can get so that we will know, before we leave school, the path we are going to follow immediately we leave.

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The solution to the massive rate of unemployment in Nigeria is to allow our students in school to pursue their passion and find their place in this world before they leave school. Let the schools encourage students to build start-ups while in school and to learn to think for themselves in preparation for the outside world.

There also should be a course taken in these schools to informs students on the importance of getting started while still in school. Management of schools should form a policy that allows free enterprise in schools.

This kind of policy will help each student that takes advantage of it tremendously while also helping the economy of the nation because as these students leave school they will be employers of labor and will help reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

If thousands of students take advantage of this medium and employ thousands or even hundreds of people, the unemployment rate will reduce immensely which in turn will help us in Nigeria raise highly successful young adults.

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