How To Capture Your Customers Contact Address

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How To Capture Your Customers Contact Address

How To Capture Your Customers Contact Address

You must have heard the phrase, “it’s all in the list”.

If your business, especially an online business is to become successful, you should have strategic ways to get your customers’ contact details like emails and address.

If you have a list of your customers, it would be easier to sell them other products that you have to offer.

If you have to look for a customer every time you create a new product, you will be spending way more than you should on customer acquisition.

Whether you are working an offline business or an online business, below is a list of techniques you can use to capture your customers email address;

  1. Create a pop-up window for your website
  2. Install simple subscriber boxes on every page of your website or just keep one outside your store
  3. Send postcards to customers and provide them an incentive to send back their email address
  4. Create a contest for your customers where they have to leave their email address for the results
  5. Advertise your autoresponder both online and offline
  6. Write free articles
  7. Buy leads with co-registration
  8. Use free forum posting
  9. Buy solo ezine ads
  10. Use simple forms to capture their address
  11. Use free gifts to get your customers email address like;
  • Free reports
  • Free e-books
  • Free tutorial guides
  • Membership program (free or trial)
  • Video tutorials
  • Free booklet with “top tips” or “how to” guides
  • Free newsletter subscription
  • Free template or graphics
  • Free interviews, music, lessons or tutorials
  1. Create a squeeze page on your website

The tool you will need to be able to get their names and emails is an autoresponder. Below are some autoresponder websites that you can use;



These are just a few of them. Some are free while others are not.

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