How To Build Trust In Your Sales Message

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How To Build Trust In Your Sales Message

How To Build Trust In Your Sales Message

Trust is a key component in any business. If your prospects don’t trust you, forget about the sales. Unfortunately, nobody trusts anybody or business they are just coming in contact with for the first time; especially a business – because the business obviously wants your money.

Fortunately, there are ways to build trust in the most skeptical prospect.

Ideas on How To Build Trust In Your Sales Message

Here are some ideas that you can use to boost your credibility so your prospects like and trust you and hopefully, do business with you.

  • Tell the absolute truth – Integrity is key: Most prospects know in their guts when you are trying to bend the truth or when you lie outright to their faces.

Their guts will tell them and they will try to avoid doing business with you. This sometimes is difficult when the salesman or woman is standing just in front of you. But if they are reading the message on a website, they will just close the page easily and go to something else. So always tell the truth. Your prospects know it too when you tell the truth and it will make them happy to do business with you again.

  • Be yourself: Talk in your sales message the way you will talk to your best friend in real life. This will make you stand out from the crowd of traditional hyped advertising.

Use the normal everyday slang and expressions you use when talking to your best friend. With this, people will know you are genuine and a real person they can talk to.

  • Add your contact information in your sales message: If your prospects realize that you do not have your contact information in your sales message, they will assume you are trying to dupe them of their money. Place your business address, email and telephone number at the end of your sales message so that your prospects can call or send a message if they have any questions or inquiries to make.
  • Make bold promises and back them up: Make bold promises and make sure your back them up with guarantees. Making bold promises and just leaving them hanging will make your prospects doubt you and where there is doubt, there is no sale.
  • Use testimonials in your sales message: People like and want what other people like and have. Testimonials, also known as social proof will let your prospects know that other people have bought your product and they liked it.

A testimonial is a short statement by a customer who has bought your product and loved it. Place up to three to five testimonials in your sales message. Include their names and their location for extra believability.

  • Use specific numbers: When writing about numbers in your message, make sure you use specific numbers instead of rounding up. Example, “I made $25,683.95 last month” – instead of writing – “I made $25,000 last month”. The first statement sounds believable while the second statement sounds made up.
  • Offer a money back guarantee: Most prospects will not buy your product if they feel that, for any reason at all, if they don’t like your product or if does not deliver on the promises it gave in the message, they cannot get a refund. So, offering a money back guarantee will only make them trust you more and also be relieved that you have faith in your product. It tells them that if they don’t like the product for any reason at all, they can return it for a full refund.

It is better to put a 60 days guarantee. The longer the days of guarantee, the safer your prospects feel and the more sales you make. Funny thing, even if some of your prospects aren’t satisfied with the product, they will not bother to ask for a refund.

Normally, I put a one year guarantee for all my products. This tells the prospect that I have faith in my product and I am standing behind my product one hundred per cent.

Some people will ask for a refund, don’t panic. If the rate of refund is less than ten per cent, you are fine. But if it is more than ten per cent, make some changes in the product. Make it better.

  • Tell your prospects the reason why they should do business with you: Establishing your credentials is a powerful way to build trust in your prospects. Telling them that you know your stuff will make them want to do business with you.
  • Answer some customer objections before they even surface: As prospects read your sales message, they are piling up objections in their mind so that they can give an excuse not to buy. So in your message, answer most of the questions that will be lurking in your prospects minds before they think too much about it. This will ease their mind about buying your product.
  • Educate your customers: When prospects notice that you are not only for their wallet, that you really want to give them something of value, they will trust you the more. Educating your prospects in your sales message is a strong way to build trust and make them buy from you. And with that they will be willing to buy your product.

Another powerful way to educate your customers, telling them that you are not only after their wallets is to give them something of value free. A free book will do. An e-book that educates them; they will be grateful and would want to reciprocate by buying your product and being a customer for life.

  • Endorsements: Endorsement is using a celebrity to boost your sales. Especially when you use a celebrity that almost everyone loves. Let the person say something nice about your product or let that person take a picture and put it on your product. Most people want to be like celebrities. They want to walk, talk and act like their favourite celebrities. And they will also want to do and use what their favourite celebrities are doing and using.
  • Make your product top quality: Nobody will buy a washed up product. If your product does not live up to expectations, you will have a windfall of returns and your product will flop. Make sure whatever it is you are marketing is in top quality. That will make your customers trust you some more and will be happy to buy your products and even recommend it to some of their friends and colleagues.
  • Link your business to a strong, reliable and established partner: If you are just starting out in your business and you want to double your success rate, establish joint ventures with other well established, but not competitive businesses. This will open you to an avalanche of potential customers and buyers in less time than you would have if you marketed all by yourself.
  • Know your niche: Before going into any business at all, study up on your niche. What do they like? What are their dislikes? What kind of clothes do they wear? What are their greatest concerns? The more you know about your niche, the better your communication will be with them. And they will notice in your sales message that you understand them and really want to help them. Understanding builds credibility.

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