How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Habits

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How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Habits

Most people will tell you that the problem of bad habits that they have is the number thing they want to overcome. For example, do you procrastinate? Do you smoke? Do you drink excessive alcohol? Are you always late? Do you live your life through social media? Are you a compulsive liar? Do you spend too much on shopping for needless things?

These are just some of the few bad habits people want to break in their lives and if you are reading this right now, it means you have a bad habit do wish to break. Right?

Before showing you how to break your bad habits, let’s first tell you how bad habits are formed so that you will be watchful the next time so as not to fall into the trap of picking up another bad habit.


How bad habits are formed

  • Environment

The environment you find yourself can be a determining factor in the kind of habits you pick up.

  • Friends

The kind of friends you keep also can be a great factor in the kind of habits you pick up. Know what kind of friends you keep and stay away from those that will lead you to doing something that will affect you negatively in the long term.

Bad habits are easy to do but hard to live with

  • Experimentation

Experimenting can lead to picking up unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking, and hard drugs.¬†There’s this guy whom I went to school with. He told me once that he tried a stick of cigarette and that it was no big deal.

Now he is an avid smoker.


How you can form good habits

  • Decide to break your bad habits

the first step to making any major change in your life is to make a decision. make the decision right now to stop whatever bad habit it is you want to stop.

  • Begin to incorporate the good habit in your life

If you stop a bad habit and leave that space empty, you will be bored and eventually you will go back to that habit; and this time it may take forever before you quit.

If you really want to quit a bad habit, you should replace that bad habit with a good one. For instance, if you want to quit smoking and you feel the urge; instead of taking a smoke, go for a run, do something physical that will take your mind off the cigarette.

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  • Meditation

Meditation is a great way to beat your bad habits, although at the very beginning it will e tough for you; you will eventually begin to use meditation to overcome the bad habits you want to beat.

With meditation you will begin to notice that whenever the urge to do that bad habit comes, you will relax and examine the urge. Allow yourself to feel it and realize that this is just an urge, like the clouds in the sky, it will pass.

When you begin to handle your urges and bad habits in this manner, there is no habit that you would not be able to break.



Take some time to study and adapt these techniques for dealing with your bad habits, at least for 21 days because it takes 21 days for you to form a new habit.

Take 21 days and be patient. Don’t allow yourself to fall back into that bad habit during your 21 days and after the 21 days, you will feel like a new human being and may even feel cocky about going another 21 days without the bad habits.

After the 21 days, come back and share your story with our readers about how you overcame in the comments section.


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