How to be Obsessed

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how to be obsessed

A burning desire is a fancy phrase for obsession. Become obsessed with what you want to accomplish in life. This post is about how to be obsessed! How to use obsession to acquire your dreams.

John Reese, an internet entrepreneur, made one million dollars in one day and when he was being interviewed by Anthony Robbins was asked how he became successful and what drove him to success and if wanting to be successful was merely a desire or an obsession.

His answer was that it was an obsession. He worked at a video game store and looked through magazines of exotic cars and told himself that one day he was going to own one of those.

People Will Tell You It Could Not be Done

His boss would come in and tell him that he should stop punishing himself with pictures of cars he cannot be able to buy. But he did not give up because as he looked at those pictures continuously, the desire to become wealthy began to grow wings and develop their own life in him.

It became an obsession and he began to do what it took to become wealthy and as the universe rewards all those who steadfastly ask for something with faith and persistence, he made one million dollars in one day.

He also said that he drove one day to his former place of work, the video store, in a Porsche and still saw some of the people he left there still working there stacking video games. Those ones have settled into mediocrity and became comfortable there.

There is a reason for having a desire that you would want to strive for in your life and that is, any desire you plant in your mind and think about continuously, with determination in your heart that you are going to achieve it, eventually takes over with a life of its own, it then begins to influence your thinking and you begin to act subconsciously towards the realization of that desire.

Choosing What You Want

Your desire in life must be chosen with great consideration and care. It should match your personality and after selecting that desire, you should write it down and place it where you will always see it, morning and night, the reason is that when you look at this desire of yours morning and night, it will eventually impress deeply in your mind your desire that it accepts that desire as a strong purpose for your life and will eventually take over your thinking and acting until that desire becomes a reality.


This method of deliberately impressing on your mind your desire is called auto-suggestion or self-hypnotism. It is through these techniques that so many great men and women have lifted themselves from rags to riches, from a lowly and poverty stricken people to a people of great wealth and influence like Thomas Edison who used this technique to raise himself from a news butcher to a leading inventor of the world.

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The Great Leaders Did It

Napoleon Bonaparte raised himself from poverty to becoming a dictator of France. It is through this principle that Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln became leaders of the greatest country in the world and you too can, if you take the methods and techniques of auto-suggestion to heart and practice it as it has been written, can become whatever you want to be in this world.

You Can be Great

You can be the greatest man or woman that ever lived. It does not matter where you came from, all that matters now is that you have this powerful tool in your hand and can use it to become all and everything you can ever imagine to do and become, but only if you use this technique well.

Don’t be Afraid

You need not to be afraid of this technique as long as what you desire and strive for is one that will bring not only you, but the world at large happiness and good fortune.

Don’t use this technique to do anything bad or disastrous. This is a very powerful tool and if not used wisely can bring to its user, pain, sorrow and eventually, disgrace and death.

Make sure that the desire you want will bring to nobody, unhappiness, misery and hardship, make sure that your desire is productive, that it will only bring peace, joy and happiness to those whom your desire may concern. Then apply the technique of auto-suggestion for the attainment of your goal or desire.

The subconscious mind is like a magnet, and when it has been bombarded with a desire so great begins to attract all that will be needed for the attainment of that desire.

Whatever you plant in your mind will, in time, become a reality because the subconscious mind will go to work to make it happen and all things will begin to fall into place.


You may call it luck or that the universe is working in your favor but no matter how you see it, everything aligns right for the man who knows what he wants and where he is going; because now his mind subconsciously weeds out the unnecessary distractions on the way and comes alive with realization when he sees something that will move him closer to the attainment of his goals and desires.

Associate With Like-Minded People

How many times have you seen successful people associating with unsuccessful people? Successful people always look for the company of others successful people while failures will always look for the company of failures. Like attracts like and misery loves company.

Your mind will attract to you people who are on the same wavelength and thinking as you are. When you have a burning desire inside of you and you think about it all the time, your mind will only attract people that will help you and not hinder you from your purpose.

Nothing can hold a man down when he or she knows how to use the power of auto-suggestion to command Mother Nature to bend to his will. That kind of person can destroy poverty in his life and generations to come, can destroy the most deadly disease and rise from poverty to riches and influence.

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