How to be Disciplined

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how to be disciplined

How to be Disciplined

First of all, what is discipline?

Discipline is control that is gained by requiring that rules or orders be obeyed and punishing bad behavior. It is also to train yourself to do something by controlling your behavior.

Self-discipline is simply the ability to make yourself do things that should be done. It is also the correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement.

Discipline is like a pill or drug you take to get the work done. Without discipline none of the work you wish to get done will be done.

Discipline is not just in getting your material work done. It can and should also be used to all aspects of your life great.

Different forms of discipline;
Discipline of the mind, the tongue and of the body

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This is that watching of the kind of things you think about. The mind is the workshop of the human soul. It is where great inventions first originated from and where great minds work. If you do not discipline your mind, it wanders and it wanders to wherever it wishes.

To discipline your mind, there are ways in which you can do that; you watch what you hear. There are so many songs out there that just poison the minds of people, so many unsavory images that one should not allow to come in contact with the mind. If you can reduce or eliminate these things from your life and feed your mind with only good thoughts, images and songs, you will only start to think about good things.

Another form of controlling and disciplining the mind is by meditation. Meditation is a form of concentrating upon the mind that which you wish. If you want to become a gentle and kind soul, you should begin to meditate on being gentle and kind. You can even meditate on the characters and behaviour of Jesus and with time you will begin to see some of the characters of gentleness and kindness in you.

Also, watch what you read. Not all books are worth reading, some are great for you and others, not so good. At the end of this book I am going to give you the title of some books that I think will help you in the journey of life. Study these books and apply the principles from them in your life and you will see your life transform right before your eyes.


Watch what you say. The power of life and death is in the tongue. The tongue as small as it is, is the difference between war and peace, death and life. It is like a rudder in a mighty ship. Without the rudder the ship goes wherever the wind takes it.

You must watch what comes out of your mouth. Plus when you say something into your life, it goes into your subconscious and it starts to act towards what you just said.

I have seen so many people throw their lives away because they were unable to control their tongue. They spoke out of anger or frustration and sealed their fate.

I have heard statements like; (and I’m sure some of you are guilty of some of these statements);

“I cannot do it”
“It’s too difficult”
“I cannot make as much money as he has”
“I cannot do what he does”
“I am not white or black”

Some of these negative sayings usually stops us from attaining our true status in life. So instead of saying „you can‟t‟, replace it with „you can‟ and other positive reinforced statements.

According to James Allen, You should discipline your tongue from these vices like;
Slander: Don‟t be caught in the midst of people talking falsely about other people and defaming other people.

Gossip and Idle Conversation
Abusive and Unkind Speeches: These kinds of talk are some of the reasons for violence in our world.
Frivolity or Irrelevant Speech: If you don‟t have anything to say, it is better you keep quiet.
Critical, Captious or Fault Finding Speech

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The body is the weakest part of being human. It craves indulgences,, satisfaction and control over the soul and spirit, and most often than not, we give in to the cravings of the body and allow it to dictate our every move and desire.

The discipline of the body embodies all of these vices such as Idleness, Laziness, Indolence, Self-indulgence and Gluttony.

When trying to discipline yourself, start with the overcoming of laziness or indolence. This is the easiest to overcome. This discipline is the only way other disciplines can be overcome. If you are lazy, you cannot do anything so the overcoming of laziness should be your first step to disciplining yourself.

You should overcome self-indulgence and gluttony. Eat only at specific times you wish to eat. If you plan your meals to be at seven in the morning, one in the afternoon and seven in the evening, it should be so. Don‟t eat in between. This is to bring your craving for anything to put in your mouth down. Eat only when you are hungry and eat small meals at a time. Eating large meals makes you slow and unable to think clearly.

Next, you should control your tongue. Never say evil things about other people, especially behind their backs. No idle conversations.
Then, control your mind. This is a very important part of your road to self-discipline. Control your mind and you control your future and destiny.

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