How Three Fearless Young Entrepreneurs Started the First Outdoor Cinema in Abuja

How Three Fearless Young Entrepreneurs Started the First Outdoor Cinema in Abuja

The Brains

Razaq, Kene and Kabiru began the very first outdoor cinema in Abuja and are well on their way to making great achievements in future. This How Three Fearless Young Entrepreneurs Started the First Outdoor Cinema in Abuja.

The outdoor “Drive in” cinema named as Sunset Drive opened officially on 13th October, 2017 and has already shown films like Fast and Furious 8, Pulp Fiction, Titanic, Baby Driver, and other films both new and old.

The concept of a drive in cinema is still new to the residents of Abuja but there has been good positive feedbacks from the customers.

A lady that came with her kids once said “This is a nice concept and I liked it. Keep it up.” When I told Kabiru and Razaq what the lady said, they were encouraged to keep going.

When Razaq told me about this concept that they are bringing to Abuja I was happy but at the same time thoughts began racing through my mind.

How were they planning on advertising this concept to the citizens of Abuja?

How can they get other sources of revenue apart from the money for watching the movies?

What demography of people were they targeting and through what means do they plan on reaching this demography?


But as I got more involved in the day to day activities of the business before launch, I noticed that not only had they answered all these questions, they had also gone deeper and more creative into how they present this new concept to the citizens of Abuja.

And sincerely, I was impressed.

I was impressed by how much thought they had put into it and how they carried themselves and the business. How they improvised when capital reduced and how they made do with what they had.

During the early stages before the official launch, I remember doing some serious menial work, like carrying heavy stones to use for demarcation. (I went home that night with extra muscles plus extra soreness of the body).

But that is what a business is all about, especially a new business. You will have to do the things you don’t like and make do with the things you have to make your business survive.



There are advantages of an outdoor cinema to people that I think you should know;

  1. Open air. You breathe the fresh open air associated with an open space in a good spacial area which Sunset drive has.
  2. Spend time with your family, friends and your boyfriend(s) or girlfriend(s). (I know some of you *wink*).
  3. Enjoy great recent and classic movies.
  4. Relaxation from the stress and rigors of the week



Unique World

Accra street, Wuse Zone 5.

Behind Ibro Hotel.



They operate on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: From 7pm-9pm at a price of N1000 but Wednesdays are free.



Social Media: They can be contacted through their social media accounts below

Facebook: Sunsetdriveng


Instagram: Sunsetdriveng



So if ever you are in Abuja or maybe you are already a resident of Abuja and you feel like seeing a new blockbuster movie, an old classic, or some horror movies, I recommend sunset drive.

So if you want to enjoy yourself on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and you also want to see a free movie on Wednesdays, and you also have the mind and want to see a horror movie, go to sunset drive and have the fun with your family and friends.



This is what entrepreneurship is all about and it is great to start in your twenties like these enterprising young men so that even though you make a mistake, you can still get up and try again and again and again until you succeed.


Do you have any entrepreneurial aspirations?

This is the time to begin. Don’t let fear cripple you. Use your fear as fuel for action and trust me, you will soon become a master to fear and will never be its slave anymore.

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