Faqs About Online Marketing

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faq's about online marketing

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Marketing

Hello there, it is no secret that there are many scam artists out there telling you that you can make money online and trying to sell you the latest fad on making money online and cannot give you conclusive proofs or even guarantees that will put your mind at ease. So, these are some faqs about online marketing that have been on many people’s minds.


This post is to show you that you have nothing to fear at all when it comes to online marketing.

Those questions and objections that have been lingering in your mind about online marketing will be brought to the open and answered so that you can make an informed decision about diving into the online marketing world.

These are the most frequently asked questions about online marketing that have been asked and if I get more questions, I will add it to this list because I want you to have the most comprehensive list possible so that you can make an informed and educated decision before giving your hard earned money to anybody.

Here it goes;

Q.  How much can I make from this business?

A.  Unlimited. This system helps you to get started on your journey to make money online and the amount you can make is limitless because you only have to set the system up once and you make money from it for the rest of your life but you must also be fervent in your marketing if you want to make serious cash from it.

You can spend some money on advertising or you can actually just hustle, that is advertising without paying a dime. The hustling part will take much of your time but the paid advertising part won’t.

Q.  Do I have to meet many people to market my business to?

A.  The answer is NO. This is a home based business so you do not have to meet anybody face-to-face to sell anything especially if you’re the shy type. People pay you money and get what they want via the internet. You never have to worry about meeting strangers if you don’t want to.

Q.  Can anyone get into this kind of business?

A.  Yes. Anyone can get into the internet marketing business but you must be willing to work hard at it if you want to make millions from it.

Q. But I don’t have anything to sell online. How can I possibly make money online?

A. You can sell anything, anything at all that you know about. Is it how to make a special style of hair that others don’t know how to make and you do? Is it how to become a better footballer or how to handle teenage kids?

Anything you know or have experienced in life is capable of making you millions if you know how to harness the power of internet marketing. Like my mentor once said, “everybody has a good story in them”. Just let it out and market it. It will make you millions.

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Q. How much capital do I need to start this business?

A. Very little. From FREE to as little as one hundred dollars will do it.

Q. What do I need to start this business?

A. Simple. You will need a computer, an internet connection and a product to sell. That’s all.

Q. What if this online business doesn’t work for me?

A. First of all, it will work for you if you put in the necessary effort and time. Secondly, a good marketer will give you a very impressive guarantee before you buy his or her product. If you’ve put in the necessary effort and it still doesn’t work for you in less than 1 year, you should be able to ask for your money back without hassle.

Don’t buy from any marketer if he or she does not have a money back guarantee that you are comfortable with. The least should be a thirty day (30-day) guarantee but a better one is a one year guarantee. With this kind of guarantee, you know you have put in your best and it still did not work for you and you can request for your money back immediately. No questions, no hard feelings. But I have no issues with it because I know it really works.

Q. How sure am I that this is a good investment?

A. Imagine the unlimited earning potential you’ll have when you enter this business. Limitless. This is a great investment because you’ll be able to make your normal day 10 year salary in 3 months or less if you are dedicated. So when it comes to your investment, you’re investing a very small amount compared to your earning potentials.

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Q.How long does it take to start making money from this business?

A. Success in this business depends on how dedicated and serious you are with it. If you start today, you’ll start making reasonable money online in 14 days to a month. If you’re really dedicated and serious about it, you can even start making money in 7 days. Payments from your business will go straight into your bank account.

These are some of the most pressing questions gotten from most people looking to go into the online marketing industry.

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