Examples of Great Headlines

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Some examples of great headlines are listed below; you can take some of them, modify it and use it in your own sales letter.

􀂃 How To Handle Angry Callers In 7 Not-So-Easy Steps

􀂃 How To Improve Your Memory

􀂃 How To Make A Fortune Today Starting From Scratch!

􀂃 How To Make A Killing In Close-Outs

􀂃 How To Make Money With Display Ads

􀂃 How To Make Money Writing Short Paragraphs

􀂃 How To Make People Line Up and Beg You To Take Their Money!

􀂃 How To Make The System Work For You

􀂃 How To Pay Zero Taxes

􀂃 How To Plan Your House To Suit Yourself

􀂃 How To Push Your Resume To The Top Of The Stack

􀂃 How To Raise Venture Capital Without Losing Equity

􀂃 How To Rob Race Tracks Legally

􀂃 How To Retire With Money

􀂃 How To Start A Creative New “Money Hobby” That Might Double Your Present Income

􀂃 How To Start From Scratch And Become A Post Office Box Millionaire

􀂃 How To Take Out Stains…Use (product x) And Follow These Easy Directions

􀂃 How To Turn A Slow Weekend Into A Fast Profit

􀂃 How To Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

􀂃 How To Wake Up The Financial Genius Inside You

􀂃 How To Write A Business Letter!

􀂃 How To Write A Good Advertisement

􀂃 How To Write A Hit Song And Sell It

􀂃 How To Write Copy That Will Make You Rich

􀂃 How You Can Beat High Taxes And Skyrocketing Inflation

􀂃 How You Can Eat More And Weigh Less

􀂃 How You Can Legally Profit From ‘Insider’ Information On The Stock Market

􀂃 How You Can Make Money With The Arabs

􀂃 I Was Held Hostage For 4 Days By The Sharpest Minds In Direct Mail

􀂃 I Will Pay You Up To $100,000 For Old Watches Like This One

􀂃 I’d Like To Give This To My Fellow Men – While I Am Still Able To Help

􀂃 “If You Know How To Sell, You Owe Yourself A Promotion”

􀂃 “It’s A Food, Not A Drug” Says So & So

􀂃 It’s Not Just What You Know About A Market – It’s Who You Know, Too

􀂃 If You Can Lick A Stamp You Can Lick Your Weight Problem

􀂃 If You Can Read & Write Simple English, I’ll Show You How To Make Real Money Selling Words

􀂃 If You Read Music You’ll Love Our Magazine

􀂃 If You Read Nothing Else – Read This!

􀂃 If You Were Given $200,000 To Spend – Isn’t This Kind Of (type of Product but not brand name) You Would Buy?

􀂃 If You’d Rather Put Money In Your Pocket Than Watch T.V…

􀂃 Imagine Working Until 4 A.M. – And Loving Every Minute Of It!

􀂃 Imagine Me… Holding An Audience Spellbound For 30 Minutes!

􀂃 Important News For Folks Who Swore They Would

Your headline should fulfill these four purposes

  1. Grab prospects attention
  2. Select your audience

3. Tell your audience what the message is about

4. Draw your reader into the body copy

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