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How does drinking water save more money?

Will drinking more water allow you to save more money than I would?

How much will drinking water help you save?

Learn how drinking water saves you more money than you might think.

Drinking water can save you more money in many ways than you might think.

One is that when you don’t buy sodas and other beverages, you put all that money into a savings account or an emergency fund.

Furthermore, sodas are not very healthy drinks and when you take sodas, your hospital visit increases and then you will have to pay medical bills when you can save that money and put it in an emergency fund when you drink more water.

There are many ways drinking water helps you save more money and I will outline them below.

Read the rest of the post to find out how drinking water saves you more money than you might think.

Sometimes the easiest ways to save money are right under your nostrils but you don’t notice them until they have been pointed out to you.

If you want to save more money or you simply want to push your personal saving to the next level, why don’t you start drinking only water?

I suggest if you want to start drinking water to save money, you should not say you won’t drink sodas completely, especially if you like drinking soda.

Instead, say something like “I won’t buy soda with my money”.

That way you accomplish the aim of this post; you stop buying soda with your money and you can put that extra cash in an emergency fund or savings account.

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In recent years, however, an increased focus on health and wellness has made water consumption much more popular. 

A new Harris Poll conducted on behalf of the International Bottle Water Association revealed that Americans 18 and older viewed water at the very top of their list of preferred beverages. (1)

How drinking water saves more money

Not only is water healthier for you than coffee and soda, it can also save you a lot of money.

Here are some ways drinking only water all the time can put money back in your wallet.

How Drinking Water Saves You Money

You eat less food

When you drink more water you end up eating less food than you would normally eat.


When you drink more water you fill up your stomach before any meal times and this fills up your stomach faster and reduces the amount of food you eventually have to eat.

When you eat less, you spend less.

You won’t buy as much food as you would, and even if you do, it takes you a longer amount of time before you finish all the food.

You also won’t buy as much food as you would when you eat at a restaurant.

Drinking water is a great and natural way to save more money and also be kind to your body.

Water also flushes out toxins from your system, reducing the number of visits to your doctor.

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It also helps you regulate your bodily functions.

Your visits to the convenience store will be reduced

How many times have you made a pit stop at a convenience store for a coffee or a soft drink?

You probably buy more than you thought you would. You buy snacks also because they look so damn good.

Fill up your water bottle with water before you leave your house. When you do that, you won’t have to make those pit stops filled with temptations.

Pay off debt. Budget like a boss. Reach your financial goals.

Final thoughts

Drinking water more often is beneficial to not only your wallet, but also your health.

It’s not difficult to do but can be hard if you don’t find the right reason for trying to change.

So next time you want a bottle of soda, consider how much you would save in the long run if you would rather put that money away in a savings account and drink some water instead.

Also, think about your health and the kind of future you deserve.

Have you been drinking more water these days?  Would you consider swapping soda for water?  Has it actually helped your spending and health?

If you have been drinking water only for a while now, how has it helped you save money?

What free additions do you put in your water to give it some taste? I use lime. What do you use?

Manage Your Money Better

Below are some personal finance books I recommend to help you save more money. They have helped me a lot and I'm sure they'll help you in your journey to financial freedom.

  1. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  2. Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
  3. I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi
  4. Master Your Money (Super Bundle)
  5. Need an extra $2,500? Get loans up to $5000
  6. Are you in debt? Get free debt consultation and find a solution to your debt
  7. Unshakable: Your financial freedom blueprint
  8. The New Money Masters
  9. Tools to make money in tough economic times

I have read about 5 out of the 7 books and I can boldly say they have helped me handle my finances better. I believe in them because they have helped me in my financial journey and I think they’ll help you too.

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