Burning Questions

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burning questions

The burning questions you will read in this particular post is just something that has been on my mind for a long time and I thought I should share with you guys.

As this post is not in conjunction with the theme of this site, I just thought I needed to share this post with you.

When they say heaven is above us and hell is below. Is it? I keep asking myself this question almost everyday.

If heaven is above, what about the astronauts that go out of our earth and to the moon and space station? If they had seen heaven on their way out and or in wouldn’t they have told us or maybe they saw heaven but God wiped out that memory from them before they got back to earth. That’s just a theory.

Then if heaven is not “above”, then where is it? Here’s where I stand on this issue, and you might disagree with me, like I said, it’s my own little understanding im using to state this “bogus” theory, .. Heaven is here, where we are.

The bible says that the wage of sin is death. Anybody who has ever sinned must die. Everyone dies and that’s their punishment. And when one does good, he reaps the reward and we reap our reward here on earth.

Have you ever experienced heaven on earth? I feel we all can make this place our own heaven and when we die, we enjoy all the things heaven has for us to enjoy.

Steve jobs, the visionary behind the apple products was not an atheist and he also wasn’t a Christian. Sometimes he acknowledges God and sometimes wonders if there is a God after all. But on his death bed, just before he died, his last words were “oh, my… oh my”.

What does that mean?

Here’s where I stand again on that issue. He saw where he was going eventually after death and with the bizarre words he uttered, sounding like he couldn’t comprehend it.

If he was going to hell and he saw it I think his words will be that of fear. But where he might have seen may just be so indescribable and beautiful that the words he said were just the right amount of words one can utter after seeing such.

Is hell real?

A group of German scientists wanted to drill deep down into the surface of the earth. Once they started they went way, way down and after sometime they began experiencing extreme heat but continued drilling and after a while the equipment they used to drill down couldn’t withstand the heat any longer so they decided to stop.

First of all, the earth’s core is very hot. This is a scientific fact.

So while they were at that depth,, they could hear a very faint noise coming from below and wanted to know what that was about so they took a powerful amplifier-like equipment so they can hear better what the noise was and what they heard, according to them, was disturbing. It sounded like millions and millions of people crying.

I read this on the internet somewhere and also saw it not long ago on television.

This noise, as I haven’t read much on combustion, I think, is the reaction of various gases making that noise.

If we could take a trip to the surface of the sun, I bet we would hear the same noise.

I am not an atheist. I believe strongly in God. But like possibly some of you, I also need answers.

I know there are things which are a mystery to us according to the bible but some answers must be gotten. Even a glimpse will be nice.

There are those fortunate individuals among us who have seen these things. They appear to them as a glimpse – a fraction of a fraction of a second – they have these revelations once in a year or two. These are very fortunate people.

But there are others that go through their whole life never having experienced this. One fraction of a fraction of a second in a year is enough to convince you of this fact – to make you ask the questions that matter.

I have experienced this twice and I have been trying to get it again but it has been very difficult. I think God shows it to us when He feels like it.

Let’s all ask the questions that matter.

If there is no heaven and no hell, where do we go after death?

Why would God, who loves all, send some of His people to a lake of burning fire because they refused to do what He wanted when we did not force his hand to bring us here on earth promising that we will behave? We woke up and realized we were on earth and now there is nothing we can do about it. If we kill ourselves because we don’t want to be here, we go to hell. And if we stay and fall short of the standards of God even by a factor of 0.00001*10^-99, we go to hell.

I think it is not fair to bring us here on earth without our permission and force us to do things your own way or we go to hell.  Think about that.

Life is beautiful, life is also hard, but life in general is awesome.

It is always a privilege to have lived.

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