Avoid These Marketing Mistakes

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How To Avoid These Business And Marketing Mistakes

How To Avoid These Marketing Mistakes

Many businesses are failing today. And the most of them spend money hiring new executives and firing other employees to cut costs thinking that the new executives will do anything. They don’t address the real issue as to why their business is failing.

It’s just like an obese person trying to lose weight by jogging every morning and immediately goes home to eat junk food and sugar. This person can never lose weight unless he or she confronts the main issue. That’s the kind of food they eat.

In our case, it’s these business and marketing mistakes.

The number one reason businesses are failing today is because they don’t do effective marketing. Some of them don’t even concentrate on their marketing at all.

Marketing is the life-line of any business and without it the business is as good as useless.

It is only marketing that brings in the money instead of spending all your investors’ money on less important aspects of the business.

Avoid These Marketing Mistakes

Below are some of the marketing mistakes made by most businesses and how to fix them;

  • Not testing your ads against each other: When you want to begin an ad campaign, instead of rolling out one big ad and crossing your fingers, hoping the ad will work, start small.

Test different ads in different mediums and use the one that works best as your control ad. Then begin changing some things in your ad and run it again to see if it will outrun the former ad.

If it does, use that particular one as your control ad and continue in that manner.

It is unrealistic to aim for a 100% response rate but continuous testing against each other in different mediums will make your ads more effective. Always strive to write a better ad than the former one.

  • Running the normal hyped ads: Most people are tuned out to the normal ads on TV and radio. Not only that, you cannot measure the response rate. How many people saw or heard about the advert? You will never know with those kinds of ads. Those TV ads, in my opinion, are supposed to be only for maintaining your business brand for the big businesses. Using targeted ads is the best way to insure that you have an accurate measurement of the response rate.
  • Not having a USP (Unique Selling Proposition): A USP is a short statement that lets the prospects know how your business is different from other businesses targeting the same market.

Without a USP, you might as well not even have a business because competition is fierce out there and other businesses are trying to put you out of business. So in other for people to do business with you, you must tell them why they should do business with you in your USP. It must be short and straight to the point and also highlight a strong benefit the prospects will get by doing business with you.

  • Not having any backend products to sell: Most businesses just sell a product and forget about it. They spend time and money looking for customers and after getting the one sale, they forget about the customer. Thereby leaving a pile of cash on the table. Your business must have other related products to sell in the long run to that same customer.
  • Failing to address customers’ needs: Most businesses only focus on themselves and forget to talk about the customer. Addressing the customers’ needs and wants makes them feel like you understand them and that they will be better off doing business with you than your competitors.
  • Making customers work too hard: Buying your product should never be a hard task for your customers. If it is too difficult for them, they will go somewhere else where doing business will be easier for them. Make buying your products easy for them to do. And also, tell them exactly what you want them to do. Is it to buy now? Or to leave their contact information? Do not make them guess.
  • Forgetting who your customers are: Some businesses, after they have reached the “big business” level, forget about their customers and begin to engage in bureaucratic nonsense. Customer service that took less than 5 minutes to answer to now takes hours or even days to get to. They have forgotten about their customers. Forgetting that it is these very same customers that brought them here today.

Never forget about your customers. Continue to research on them. What is that latest buzz about your customers in a particular niche? Catching up on the lifestyle of your customers will put you above other businesses in your market.

  • Giving up too soon on what works: If you are new in the marketing business and you have studied on marketing and applied the strategies that gurus say have been working for them for a long time to your business, but still there is no significant result, don’t ditch that method. Maybe there is something you are missing that is making your campaign not work. And if you find one that works, stick to it. But continue on other new marketing methods.
  • Failing to explain why: In your sales message, failing to tell your prospects why they should buy from you is leaving money on the table. Studies have shown that giving a reason for something will make people do what you want then to do 95% of the time. Tell them why they should buy from you using your credentials or experience.
  • Failing to educate: Not educating your prospects will not help your believability. When you educate your prospects, it tells them you value them as human beings also and not just their money.
  • Not having a good marketing plan: Some businesses just strut along thinking that their marketing will do all the work for them. Having a good marketing plan will help you and your company know every single action to take on the way. How to find customers, collect your prospects contact details and how to educate them by giving them valuable information and offer them other back-end products.
  • Not picking a niche to market to: You cannot be everything to everybody. Picking a good niche is the best way to guarantee your success in business. Research on the niche and try to dominate that market. You will make more impact marketing to a small group of people than the whole world.
  • Not doing a joint venture: Joint venture helps bring in cash fast and with little effort. Whether you are the endorser or the endorsee. Doing a joint venture with another non-competing, but complementary business is a sure fire way to bring in a good pile of money in a very short time.
  • No strategy to drive traffic to your site: If you have a business website and you have no basic strategy to drive traffic to your site, your website will just be collecting cyber dust. Build it and they’ll come does not work for websites.

Unless you use specific strategies to drive traffic to your site, nobody will know your site even exists and you definitely will not make any sale with that website.

  • Not capturing your customers contact details: If your business does not have a strategic way of capturing customers contact details, then you are missing out on a whole lot of profits. Your customer’s contact details are needed so that you can send them valuable information and offers at other times.
  • Not having a web presence: If you have a brick and mortar business and you have not yet built a website for it, you are missing out on a lot of passive income stream.

Your website, if marketed properly can be visible to the whole world and there’s no telling as to the heights your business will reach if the whole world can have access to it.

  • Not communicating with your customers enough: After collecting your customer’s contact details, don’t bombard them with sales and promos. Aim to give them real and valuable information concerning your niche. They will be grateful that you care about them also.

Also, you should send valuable information to your customers at least once a month is a very good way to build loyalty in your customers. Use an autoresponder to communicate with your prospects.

  • Not putting marketing first: In all businesses, marketing comes first. Because that’s the only function in a business that brings in steady cash. Focus very well on your marketing and watch your business grow and expand continuously.

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