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about meHow to Start a Business (Live the Self-Employed Lifestyle)

Are you here because you want to start your own business and life the “BOSS” life?

Do you want to create the kind of life you deserve to live?

Are you unsure of how to start, where to begin from or what to do?



Hi, I’m Maku Seun and I’m the founder and writer of makuseun.com.

This blog is for my fellow would-be entrepreneurs, especially if you are interested in starting your own business and living the self-employed life…

That business model is:

  1. Start an Online Business (Any Online Business)
  2. Grow An Email List
  3. Sell Your Own Digital Products and Courses

This blog will highlight my journey through entrepreneurship and will also highlight my successes and failures through this journey.


What this Site will do for you:

  1. Help you start a business
  2. Help you overcome the fear of starting a business
  3. Teach you to grow your email list
  4. Make money from selling your own digital products online

In previous years I have started many online businesses that are no more right now.

Some of the books I have written on this subject of entrepreneurship and becoming self-employed are Charge Your Life which is currently on Amazon. A small blueprint called Internet Profits Blueprint and Success Manifesto.

I have been into the self-employed journey since 2012 and I am not going back because it is the way to live the kind of life you deserve. You can follow me on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


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My Story

I went to Covenant University and studied Chemical Engineering But halfway through the course duration I realized I did not want to work a 9-5 job. I knew that if I had worked a 9-5 job, being the kind of person I was then, there’s no way I would drop the security for starting a business for myself. And also I had no business experience.

So I started a blog in 2012 which was my very first exposure to having my own business. Later on I started other websites and later gave them up for the chance to show you how I did all those things and how you too can begin to work for yourself.


Why Did I Decide to be Self-Employed?

I have always been against working for other people and them telling me what to do. But most of all I have always wanted to be rich, to be rich and young at the same time, to travel to places and meet new people and working 9-5 will not allow me to be young and rich.

This is the story.

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