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In any advertising that you or your company intend on running, these are the 48 headlines that boost sales to make your copy more compelling.



Combine the different types of headlines above with these proven headline templates and you automatically create a winning headline. Guarantee.

  1. They Didn’t Think I Could … But I Did

(They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano – But When I Started To Play)

  1. Who Else Wants…?

(Who Else Wants An Extra Hour A Day)

  1. How To… (Get, Have, Acquire, Solve Profit, Own, etc.)…(the biggest benefit you’ve got)
  2. How…Made Me…

(How A “Fool Stunt” Made Me A Star Salesman)

  1. Are You…?

(Are You Smarter Than Your Boss?)

  1. For (type of person): How To…

(For Busy Doctors: How To Educate New Patients In Half The Time)

  1. If You’re…, You Can…

(If You’re A Solicitor, You Can Save 20% On Professional Indemnity Fees)

  1. The Secrets Of… (biggest benefit you’ve got). (Or The Success Secrets Of…)

(The Secrets Of Not Only Surviving, But Thriving In Today’s Tough Economic Times)

  1. Give Me… And I’ll

(Give Me A Chance To Ask Seven Questions And I’ll Prove You’re Wasting A Small Fortune On Your Advertising)

  1. … Ways To…

(101 Ways To Get More Clients)

  1. The Complete Guide To…(biggest benefit)
  2. The Quick And Easy Way To…(biggest benefit)
  3. How To Get… (Benefit 1), (Benefit 2), And … (Benefit 3)…In Just… (actual time period in hours, days, etc.). Guaranteed, or…(guarantee specifics)

(How To Grow Your Business, Gain More Free Time And Profit Like Never Before After Just Three Easy Sessions – Guaranteed)

  1. … (Have, Get, Be, Enjoy, etc.)… (Benefit) In… (time period) – Guaranteed, No Matter What… (your age, condition, bank account, skill level, etc.)

(Get Fit In Record Time – Guaranteed, No Matter How Out Of Shape You Are)

  1. … (Eliminate, Overcome, Laugh At, Master, Beat, Wipe out, etc.) …(major problem or frustration or anxiety)…(Secret, Solution, Developed, Cure, Remedy, New, etc.) From … (an expert, mysterious place, unusually simple place, etc.)

(Overcome Any Fear Almost Instantly With This Two-Minute Technique Revealed By A World-Famous Speaker)

  1. … (Imagine, Picture This)…You … (situation, millionaire, skilled, computer technician)

(Picture This…You Open Your Mail Box And Find It Stuffed With Literally Hundreds Of Cash Orders! Welcome To The Exciting And Profitable World Of Mail Order Marketing)

(Imagine…Sipping Pina Coladas On The Sun-Drenched Beaches Of Beautiful Antigua Where There’s Always A Gentle Breeze In The Air And The Most Difficult Decision You Face All Day Is Which Five Star Restaurant You’ll Choose For Dinner Tonight?)

  1. … (specific number) Ways To… (dramatise big benefit)

(101 Little-Known Ways To Add Perceived Value To Your Home So It Sells Within Days For At Least 97.5% Of The Full Asking Price!

  1. … (number of) Reasons Why You Should… (major benefit or major warning)

(57 Reasons Why It Not Only Saves You Money To Use Our Marketing Services, But It Actually Puts More Cash In Your Pocket – 100% Guaranteed)

  1. No More… (Major pain, frustration or problem). Here’s A … (quick and easy, remarkably simple, little-known, etc.) Way To … (achieve the ultimate benefit)

(No More Nervousness! No More Fear! Learn The Tricks The Pros Use To Speak With Ease To Any Size Of Audience!)

(No More Lost Sales! Here’s An Automatic System For Timely Follow-Up With Every Prospect!)

  1. Offbeat Ways To….
  2. These…(top bankers) Use … To …
  3. Simple New … (cures) Can Help You …
  4. A Little Mistake That Cost A … (farmer) ….(£3000) A Year
  5. Advice To … (wives) Whose …(husbands) Don’t Save…(money) – By A …(wife)
  6. How A New … (discovery, etc.) Made A … (plain girl) … (beautiful)
  7. You Can …(laugh) At … (money worries) If You Follow This Simple … (plan)
  8. Who Ever Heard Of A … (woman) losing/gaining, etc. … (weight) – And Enjoying, etc. … (3 delicious meals) At The Same Time
  9. How I … (improved) My … (memory) In One Evening, etc.
  10. Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your … (service business)
  11. How I Made A Fortune With A … (fool) idea
  12. How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “No, I Haven’t Read It; I’ve Been Meaning To!”
  13. Thousands Have This Priceless Gift – But Never Discover It
  14. How A New Kind Of … (clay) Improved My … (complexion) In … (minutes, hours, days, months)
  15. Profits That Lie Hidden In Your … (farm, service business)
  16. Everywhere … (women) Are Raving About This Amazing New … (shampoo)
  17. Today – Add … (£10,000, thousands of pounds) To Your … (estate, house, etc.) For The Price Of A … (new hat, first-class stamp)
  18. How To Do Wonders With … (a little land)
  19. How Much Is (worker tension, traditional marketing) Costing Your Company?
  20. Right And Wrong … (farming methods) – And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your … (profits)
  21. It’s A Shame For You Not To … (make good money) – When These… (men, businesses) Do It So Easily
  22. Great New Discovery … (kills kitchen odours quick) – Makes … (indoor air) … (fresh)
  23. Announcing The New… That Makes … (it fun) To … (learn things)
  24. Here’s A Quick Way To…
  25. 67 Reasons Why It Would Have Paid You To Answer Our Ad A Few Months Ago
  26. Suppose This Happened On/When/After … (your wedding day)
  27. What Everybody Ought To Know – About This … (stock and bond business)
  28. FREE BOOK – Tells You … (12) Secrets Of … (better lawn care)
  29. Greatest Goldmine Of Easy … (“Things to make”) ever crammed into one big book



Create more than five headlines for your copy to test. Don’t change a word of your copy yet. Test your headlines against themselves so you know which headline pulls the most. Then use that one as your control headline. If you want to go a little bit further, create more headlines and test them against your control headline. If any of your new headlines out pulls your control headline, use the new one as the control headline and continue testing in that same manner. You will make more profits this way than you have ever imagined.

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