16 Ways to write a great sales letter

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How to write a great sales letter

16 Ways to write a great sales letter

A good sales letter is great salesmanship in pen.

You have to learn to write an emotionally captivating sales letter that will make your prospects buy what you have to offer.

Before you begin writing a sales letter, you must know exactly what you want to accomplish with that letter.

There are two important rules when writing a sales letter;

  1. Write about what your prospect is interested in, not what you are interested in.
  2. Even if you are writing for a million people, always write as if you are talking to your best friend. Write like you are talking to only one person.

16 Ways to write a great sales letter

There are certain anatomies of a great sales letter, use them and watch your sales skyrocket almost immediately.

  1. Use a captivating headline: most buying decisions are made at the point of the headline. Make sure your headline is captivating so that your readers will have an incentive to continue reading.
  2. Use bullets and lists to highlight the benefits the customer will get when they buy your product.
  3. Use sub-headlines liberally for people who have a short attention span and would want to skim through your sales message.
  4. Add a P.S at the end of your copy
  5. Put a powerful guarantee in your sales copy. A guarantee will put your customers mind at ease about doing business with you. The longer the guarantee, the better.
  6. Use emphasis when needed. Like bold, italics, underline or all CAPITAL LETTERS. But don’t overdo it.
  7. Use action words as often as you can. It creates an emotional response.
  8. Use testimonials in your copy because people will buy what other people recommend. So one or two testimonials in your copy will increase sales significantly.
  9. Give out bonuses. It is more like a bribe. Some people will buy your product mostly because of your bonuses.
  10. Create scarcity. Scarcity makes people want something badly for some reason. It is strictly psychological. When you say there is a limit to something, a product, people will rush for it.
  11. Let your prospects know exactly what your sales copy want them to do. Don’t assume your prospects will know. Does your sales copy sell a product or wants you to subscribe to their newsletter? It must tell them what they should do.
  12. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Long sentences and paragraphs will intimidate your readers. So keep them short so it is less daunting to read.
  13. Write a great first sentence to captivate your readers to read the remaining copy.
  14. Tell your prospects what they’ll get when they get your product.
  15. Tell them what they’ll lose if they don’t get your product.
  16. Tell them what bad things will happen if they fail to act now.

Below is an example of a great salesletter;

Proof of Painovra’s Efficacy: 9 in 10 Patients Would Use It Again.

Dear Dr. Smith:

On a daily basis in your examination room, you see the often-debilitating effects of chronic pain. Your patients may be frustrated after trying certain pain-relief medications and getting little, if any, sustained alleviation.

As an account representative for BigPharmCo, I am writing today to let you know that your patients have a safe, reliable alternative: Painovra DG. Clinically proven to deliver long-lasting relief of pain and associated side effects such as nausea, Painovra comes with industry-leading value-added services, including a proprietary discount program.

Delivering Superior Pain Relief

Based on the results of a recent primary-care study, Painovra generates more effective relief than the largest-volume prescription pain reliever. Isn’t that what counts in your practice—and in the day-to-day lives of your patients? Some key findings:

  • 91% of Painovra patients said that they would take Painovra again for pain relief.
  • 73% reported relief from pain within one hour vs. 43% of patients who took the most commonly prescribed pain reliever.
  • 76% were free of pain after 24 hours vs. 46% with the most commonly prescribed medication.

Minimizing Side Effects

As you know, a pain reliever’s effectiveness is only as good as its ability to control major side effects. Here, too, Painovra delivers measurable results. In the clinical study, more than 6 in 10 patients who originally reported nausea and then took Painovra experienced relief of nausea after three hours.

Optimizing Patient Support

Finally, because your patients will be grateful for relief from economic stress, BigPharmCo has created a customized program that helps them afford their Painovra prescriptions. By enrolling in the Painovra Plan, patients who refill their prescriptions on a regular basis can save up to $15 per month (restrictions apply). The plan is the latest addition to BigPharmCo’s award-winning value-added programs, including 24-hour in-service support and educational services.

Please take a look at the enclosed product sheet, which contains more detail about Painovra’s proven efficacy. I will follow up in the next few days to set up a time to discuss your need for pain-relief solutions based on your patient profile.

Dr. Smith, thank you for your time. I look forward to helping you enhance the quality of life for your patients.



—–The End—–

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